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Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears:

  • Gilded RAAM Challenge Update
  • Gears of War: Ascendance, a new Gears novel, is coming in 2019!
  • Check out our updated Ranking System Explained post

Coming Up in Gears of War 4



You may have noticed there’s been no Gilded RAAM Challenge announcement yet this week. If you follow us on Twitter, you’ve likely already seen the news that we had to postpone our plans.

This is the result of a tough decision we had to make earlier this week to make the Challenge even better or just ship it out there. In the end, we felt you would all prefer to wait for a better experience a little late than a timely less desirable experience.

We think it'll be worth the wait. Thank you for your patience on this and we can’t wait to tell you more next week.

…Okay twist our arm, here is a sneak peek just for you. We’re excited to share that completing all three challenges will secure you a Gilded RAAM character but you’ll also get all 14 skins of the long-requested variant of the Phantom weapon skin series...


It's Black Phantom! Stay tuned for news on all our plans for the Gilded RAAM Challenge next week.


Luck of the Draw is in full swing right now as we continue the celebrations for St Patrick’s Day! Equip the equivalent of one of those well known Irish alcohol brand top hats in-game with the Lucky Weapon Skin set, earnable in one simple challenge: 

Luck? It’s Called Skill!
Challenge:Play 15 Matches in Luck of the Draw
Reward: Lucky Weapon Skins – Complete Set

Luck of the Draw is available from Friday 8th March until Thursday 21st March.


Enjoy your 4XP fill while it lasts Guardian Fans, because Competitive playlist Escalation is the next playlist up in the 4XP spotlight beginning on Monday.

Series 3 drop

We'll be launching our huge Series 3 Drop day and date with the Gilded RAAM challenge going live next week. Stay tuned for news early next week.

Gears of War: Ascendance


This week, we were excited to announce Gears of War: Ascendance – an all-new novel that expands the universe of Sera written by New York Times bestseller Jason M. Hough and published by Titan Books.

The story immediately picks up from the dramatic ending of Gears of War 4 and follows the characters on a harrowing journey that will lead directly into Gears 5.

With the loss of her mother still fresh on her mind, Kait Diaz and the remaining members of Delta Squad fight their way back to New Ephyra to warn the Coalition of Ordered Governments of the imminent threat posed the Swarm. But without proof, the First Minister refuses to take action. The team must now embark upon a perilous journey to gather the evidence needed to combat this new nightmare that threatens to wipe out humanity across all of Sera.

Gears of War: Ascendance is coming in 2019 and will be available for pre-order wherever books are sold.

March Madness

March Madness is in full swing in the community and boy have we seen some upsets already (goodbye Anya!). 

If you want to join in and back your favorite character(s), keep an eye on our Gears Facebook and Twitter channels as each platform has their own votes in the earlier stages. As we get to the Final 8, both platforms will have the same matchups and vote together.

Rankings, Explained

The Ranking System in Gears 4 exists to provide accurate Skill Rating judgments on players in order to provide higher quality, fairer match-ups as much as possible.

We’ve seen an extreme improvement in this area vs Gears 3 thanks to the accuracy of our Skill Rating system, but we also know that – in it’s current form – it can be a user-unfriendly experience that can be confusing and frustrating at times.

To try and help you understand the Ranking System, we’ve put together a brand new guide that dives into the details of the system. If you're been looking to understand exactly how the Ranking System works, you can find it here!

Museum of Community Glory

We are back with our Gears Creator Spotlight!

Introducing Carlos, AKA KrLosZCGO, Gears of War Veteran and TCA (The Coalition Army) Partner, hailing from Mexico. Read on for English language or skip ahead for a Spanish version of the interview!

¿Quién era el Rey entre todos los Locust? / Who was the king of all Locusts?


Can you please introduce yourself? What is your Gamertag?

What’s up, Gears! It’s a pleasure to greet all of you! Allow me to introduce myself. I am a 24-year-old Gears of War content creator and graphic design student currently living in Chihuahua, México, and everyone knows me as KrLosZCGO. My gamertag is: KrLosZ.

How long have you been playing Gears?

My first contact with Gears of War was in 2007 with Gears 1, so soon it’ll be around 12 years since I’ve been a fan of the series.

What is your favorite Gears game and why?

Definitely Gears 3. It was love at first sight ever since I was able to play the beta, and it brings me really good memories from when I used to play Horde and multiplayer all night long with my friends; and it was also the game that started it all out for me, because it was thanks to Gears 3 that I began uploading YouTube videos!

Who is your favorite Gears character?

Story-wise, the legendary Marcus Fenix for sure! But when it comes to multiplayer, I feel unstoppable anytime I use Anya Stroud as my character!

What is your favorite weapon?

Gnasher. Why anything else?

Horde or Versus?

Right now, multiplayer (Versus) is what I like to play most, but I won’t deny that playing Horde with friends is the best!

What is your favorite MP mode and what is your usual strategy when you play that mode?

 KOTH. I think my strategy varies depending on whether I play by myself or with friends, but something I always like doing is watching over the ring, so enemies won’t capture it. It’s not the best way to earn points, but it’s helped me win lots of matches!

When did you start streaming/ creating content for Gears? What made you start streaming/why?

I started thanks to a competitive Gears team that inspired me (Kaos), because they did amazing montages from their MP matches and whenever I watched their videos, I knew I wanted to do the same! So, I took my savings and hurried to buy a video capture card, a web cam, and a mic. Then, when I was ready to show my best Gears of War plays to the whole world, I realized I knew nothing about video editing, haha, so it took some time, but I learned little by little and I began uploading Gears videos of all kinds. It’s been 7 years since then!

Why did you apply to the TCA Program?

Gears of War is my favorite video game and being able to create content for this video game series has brought me amazing experiences. I’ve always liked the idea of helping the Gears community. Some years back I had the chance to become the first Epic Reaper in Mexico (Gears Judgement), and now that I’ve been honored to be part of the TCA, I want to bring more and better content to the whole Gears Community!

What is the favorite thing you enjoy about streaming/being a content creator?

I can definitely say that it’s meeting and getting to play with new people. It’s an incredible feeling when you meet other Gears of War fans. By becoming a content creator I’ve been able to meet amazing people from different cities and even countries.

What would you advise to players who aspire to become streamers/content creators?

That they should never be afraid of fighting for what they want. We all experience fears and doubts, but they should leave that aside, and do their best to have fun! I think that persistence, commitment, and having fun are key to grow as a content creator!


¿Podrías presentarte? ¿Cuál es tu gamertag?

¡Qué tal a todos, Gears! ¡Es un gusto saludarlos! Me presento ante ustedes: soy un creador de contenido de Gears of War y estudiante de diseño gráfico de 24 años de edad, actualmente vivo en Chihuahua, México y se me conoce como KrLosZCGO. Mi gamertag es: KrLosZ.

¿Hace cuánto que juegas Gears?

 Mi primer contacto con Gears Of War fue en el año 2007 con Gears 1, ¡así que ya serán casi 12 años de ser un fanático de la saga!

¿Cuál es tu juego favorito de Gears y por qué?

En definitiva Gears 3. Fue amor a primera vista desde que lo pude jugar en la beta y me trae muy buenos recuerdos de cuando jugaba Horda y multijugador toda la noche con mis amigos, y además fue el juego que para mí lo inició todo ya que, ¡gracias a Gears 3 yo empecé a subir videos de YouTube!

¿Quién es tu personaje favorito de Gears?

Por historia, ¡definitivamente el legendario Marcus Fenix! Pero si hablamos de multijugador, ¡yo me siento imparable cuando uso el personaje de Anya Stroud!

¿Cuál es tu arma favorita?

Gnasher, ¿acaso hay otra?

¿Horda o Enfrentamiento?

Actualmente lo que más me gusta jugar es multijugador (Versus), pero ¡no puedo negar que jugar Horda con amigos es lo mejor!

¿Cuál es tu modo favorito del multijugador y cuál es tu estrategia tradicional cuando lo juegas?

Rey de la colina (KOTH). Creo que mi estrategia cambia mucho si estoy jugando solo o con amigos, pero algo que siempre me gusta hacer es quedarme a proteger el objetivo para que los enemigos no puedan capturar. No es lo mejor a la hora de sumar puntos, pero ¡gracias a eso he podido ganar muchas más partidas!

¿Cuándo empezaste a hacer streams/crear contenido de Gears? ¿Qué te hizo empezar tus streams/por qué?

Yo inicié gracias a un equipo competitivo de Gears que me inspiró (Kaos), ya que ellos hacían unos montajes increíbles de sus partidas en multijugador y, cuando veía sus videos, ¡supe que quería hacer lo mismo! Así que con mis ahorros corrí a comprar una capturadora de video, una cámara web y un micrófono. Entonces, cuando ya estaba listo para mostrarle mis mejores jugadas de Gears of War a todo el mundo, me di cuenta de que no tenía ni la menor idea de cómo editar videos, jaja, así que me tomó tiempo pero poco a poco fui aprendiendo y empecé a subir todo tipo de videos de Gears. ¡Desde ese día ya han pasado más de 7 años!

¿Por qué aplicaste para el programa del TCA?

Gears of War es mi videojuego favorito, y el poder crear contenido de esta saga de videojuegos me ha traído experiencias asombrosas. Siempre me ha gustado la idea de ayudar a la comunidad de Gears, hace algunos años atrás tuve la oportunidad de ser el primer Epic Reaper en México (Gears Judgment) y, ahora que tengo el honor de ser parte de TCA, ¡quiero traer más y mejor contenido a toda la comunidad de Gears!

¿Qué es lo que más disfrutas de ser un streamer/creador de contenido?

En definitiva puedo decir que el conocer y jugar con gente nueva. Es una sensación increíble cuando conoces personas que también son fans de Gears of War. Gracias a que me convertí en creador de contenido he podido conocer a personas increíbles de otras ciudades e incluso de otros países.

¿Qué le aconsejarías a los jugadores que quieran ser streamers/creadores de contenido?

Que nunca tengan miedo de intentar lo que quieren. Todos pasamos por una etapa de dudas y miedos pero ¡deben dejar eso de lado y hacer su mayor esfuerzo por divertirse! ¡Considero que la constancia, dedicación y el divertirse son la clave para crecer como creador de contenido!

Check out some other great videos on his YouTube and Twitch channels, give him a like and a follow! You can also keep in touch with him on Twitter.

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