Versus Seasons

Seasons have arrived in Gears of War 4! As of this morning, Season 0 has shifted to Season 1 for Ranked Play and we have the full rundown on what to expect from Seasons moving forward.

Seasons are a roughly three-month period of Ranked Play where you will be challenged to go out, secure your first Rank through placement matches, and then rise through the Tiers by consistently winning matches. As of right now, resets have occurred on all tiers. You will need to replay your Placement Matches for your new Tier.

Running Seasons allows us to offer better Skill Based Matchmaking by refreshing Ranked Matchmaking every three months, and provide a great way to showcase your skills against an increasingly experienced player base.

Season 1 is live now and ends in mid-July!

Note: The Season switchover rolls out over time today, which could take up to 8 hours. You may not see the Season change reflected instantaneously.

Season Rewards

With great placements come great rewards. Beginning with Season 1, three new full Weapon Skin collections are up for grabs themed to each of the top 3 Ranks – Gold, Onyx and Diamond.

Each type of Weapon Skin is linked to a specific playlist every Season and the reward you receive will be themed to your placement on a per playlist basis. When the Season finishes, the available Weapon Skin types will rotate throughout the playlists. Players who master multiple playlists will be the first to finish building their weapon skin sets!

Rewards are based on your highest Rank during the Season, rather than your final placement. If you get to Diamond and then have a run of losses that brings you down to Onyx, don’t worry - you’ve secured your Diamond Reward for that playlist. We are also planning to award players the Weapon Skins from Ranks below your placement too!

Here’s a rundown of the Weapon Skin Rewards available in Season 1, along with a sneak preview of the Diamond Lancer up for grabs this season:

Concept Art - WIP


Team Deathmatch: Lancer
King Of The Hill: Overkill
Dodgeball: Dropshot
Guardian: Boltok
Arms Race: Markza Mk. 1
Warzone: Boomshot


Escalation: Gnasher
Execution: Longshot

Season 1 rewards will be distributed sometime after Season 1 ends. We are also looking at potential rewards for Bronze and Silver Placements. As an added bonus for fans who've fought hard for their placement in Season 0, we will be awarding Season 0 Emblems, themed to each Rank, based on your highest placement in any playlist. These will be forever exclusive for Season 0 players and will be distributed at a later date.

Matchmaking Improvements

Along with Season 1, we’ve introduced another major matchmaking improvement for Ranked Play.

Following on from the introduction of Ranked Lobbies and the improved team balance update, we’ve also introduced an updated skill based algorithm into Gears of War 4 to further improve the quality of skill-based matchmaking.

This updated version of our Skill Ratings should improve the accuracy of your Tier Placements, taking more of your Skill into account over time. When this system goes live, you may find your initial placement Tier is higher or lower than expected compared to Season 0. This is actually a more accurate representation of your skill (and performance in your placement matches) so brace for potential changes!

In addition, we’ve also reset the existing leaderboards for both Versus and Horde for this new Season.

Website Ranked Stats

Next week, we will be launching a rich Ranked Play experience on!

It all begins with the Ranked Playlist overview page. This page gives you your stats, win percentage, current tier and detailed information on how close you are to promotion or demotion. You will also be able to see where you stack up in the overall skill level of players for the playlist based on your Rank!

In addition, we also capture (and will continue to capture) your past placements so you can see how you’ve improved from Season to Season.

We are excited to bring more Ranked Stats to fans via our website, accessible wherever you go with full Desktop and Mobile support, when we launch next week.

Got any questions? Tweet @CoalitionGears on Twitter with your question and we will do our best to answer. We’ll see you online to fight for our Diamond Rank!