Beta Program Details

Registration Requirements:

  • You must own an Xbox One console.

  • You must have an Xbox Live membership in good standing.

  • You must have high-speed internet access.

  • Must have enough storage space to download the Beta, which is approximately 7 GB.


Additional Details:

  • English only.

  • Versus Multiplayer only.

  • Not available to download in Germany, Korea, China and Japan.

  • This build is a snapshot of a work-in-progress game and can be prone to normal game development issues.

  • Glitches, hitches, and even crashes may be present.  Some Xbox Live features may not work correctly. 

  • For updates on content and events, come back to the or read the in-game Message of the Day.

Since this software is pre-release code, we cannot provide customer support in the traditional sense.  However, we collect data and feedback as you play the Beta that helps us improve and enhance the final product.  Your contributions are an invaluable part of our success.

Beta feedback is welcome.  Go to the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Beta forum to share your feedback.


Beta Program Schedule

What is the schedule for the Beta?

  • Registration opens June 15, 2015.

  • The first wave of players will gain access that same day. Access will be granted on a first come, first served basis after that by registration via

  • Team Deathmatch will be available to play on Gridlock.

  • Once 10,000 matches have been played, a second map will be unlocked for all players to access.

  • An additional game mode and/or additional maps may be unlocked based on beta participation and beta testing needs.

  • Check or look at the in-game menu message daily for news on special weapon or character skins that may be awarded on certain days or times of day.

  • A few times during the Beta, some match settings will be changed (e.g., self-revive, damage boost on active reloads). We welcome feedback on these settings on the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Beta forum.

  • Stay tuned for other special events! Your participation could give you exclusive rewards, such as playable multiplayer characters or weapon skins.


Does the Beta represent the feature set and all the maps available for the retail version of the game?

  • No. The Beta represents only a small portion of the retail game. The Beta features only 1-2 multiplayer modes and a few maps. The retail game will include a wide variety of multiplayer modes and maps.


Will my stats and progression carry over to the main game at launch?

Your progression and standings in the Beta will not carry over to the final version of the game. However, any weapon skins or multiplayer characters you’ve earned while playing the Beta will be available at launch.  They will only be available on the same Gamertag used to play the “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition” Beta.

Register & Play the Beta

Register to access the “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition” Beta by following the steps below. For more detailed information on each step, please continue reading below.

  1. Login to with the Gamertag (Microsoft Account) you wish to register for the Beta with. The Beta requires an Xbox Live Gold account.

  2. Register for the Beta by clicking on the “Register for the Beta” link on You will receive a notification on the website confirming your registration. (No e-mail confirmation will be sent.)

  3. Check your Xbox Messages for your DOWNLOAD code. It may take up to 24 hours to receive your code. Make sure you are checking the messages for the same Gamertag that you registered with.

  4. Once your download code arrives, redeem the code to download the “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition” Beta build.

  5. Check your Xbox Messages again for your ACTIVATION code. It may take up to 24 hours from when you download the game to receive the second message with your activation code.

  6. Redeem your activation code to unlock the Beta and begin playing!

Redeem your download & activation codes

Codes will be sent on a first come, first served basis.  The download code will be sent within 24 hours after registering on the website.  And it can take up to 48 hours after registering for the Beta to receive your activation code.  Access to the Beta is not guaranteed.

Redeem your Download Code:

  • Within 24 hours after registering, you’ll receive a message in your Xbox Messages with a download code allowing you to download the Beta to your console.

  • You can access your download code either through your Xbox One or on

Redeem your activation code

  • Within 24 hours from receiving your download code, you will receive a second message in your Xbox Messages with an activation code.

  • You will need to redeem this code to play the Beta.

  • You can access your download code either through your Xbox One or on

  • Now you can play the Beta!

I still haven’t received anything—what’s going on?

Please be patient. We’re doing everything we can to get you playing the Beta as quickly as possible. The team is closely monitoring server stability and load balance to ensure the best online multiplayer experience.  Please make sure the Microsoft account (Gamertag) you used to register for the Beta matches the account you are checking your Xbox Messages on. Your account must be in good standing with Xbox Live.  

For more information on the status of the Beta, go to or follow @GearsofWar on Twitter.

How to access your codes

Provide your feedback

How can I send my Beta feedback to The Coalition?

We are very interested in your feedback!  There are a few ways to share it with us:

  1. Sign up for our feedback surveys
    • When registering for the Beta, you can opt in to to receive surveys from The Coaltion (including a Beta survey)
    • Opting in means agreeing to receive occasional email surveys from us. 
    • If you don't want to continue receiving surveys from us, an Unsubscribe option is available in the email you'll receive from us.
  2. Share your thoughts on the Forums


I’m having technical issues with the Beta, what do I do?

  1. Try restarting the game.
  2. Try restarting your Xbox One.

  3. Try unplugging your Xbox One’s power, wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in and try again.

  4. Still not working? Go to the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition forums to find assistance.

Thanks for helping us test Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and for being a big part of helping us improve the game through your feedback and participation.

Known Technical Issues

How to Solve the "Not Authorized to Play" Error Message

TC Falloutt walks you through how to solve this error message.  Watch the video, then head over to the dedicated Forum Thread for more information.