Gears of War 4 - September 22nd Update

Happy Friday Gears fans!

If you're going into this weekend itching to play some Horde, we've got you more than covered with a new 25 wave variant, Double Class XP and more! Plus, 3 Gear Packs return this weekend to spend those hard earned Credits on. Let's dive in on all the details.


Enjoy Double Class XP and Wave 25 Loot Drops with the return of Horde Frenzy and newcomer Horde Lite!

Horde Lite is our new 25 wave Horde variant for players that are new to Horde or prefer a slower paced experience. Unlike Horde Frenzy, which has completely randomized sets of enemies every wave, Horde Lite has a consistent developer-tuned set of waves to tackle that increase in difficulty at a controlled pace (much like the standard 10 Horde Waves).

Horde Lite is available now in Public Matchmaking only on Casual and Normal difficulty. For those looking for a more intense 25 wave challenge, Horde Frenzy is back in Public Matchmaking on Hardcore and Insane difficulty (and on any map and any difficulty in Private Match).


This weekend marks the return of 3 Gear Packs, from the fan favorite Palace Guard Pack (shown above) to the Horde focused Feral Gear Pack!

The Feral Horde Pack is a 3 Card Gear Pack featuring two new Feral Weapon skin sets to collect as well as a greatly increased chance to earn Epic Horde Skills compared to standard Horde Booster Gear Packs. Find it for 400 Credits in-game now. 

Also available this weekend: the Palace Guard Gear Pack and the Locust Sniper Gear Pack.

Have fun out there surviving 25 waves of bosses, enemies and fortification building (and all in time for dinner!).