Gears of War 4 - Series 3

We promised our first surprise of November would come this Thursday, and now here it is! Introducing Series 3, live in Gears of War 4 right now!


Series 3 - unlike the launch series and Series 2 that released in early 2017 - is an evolving collection of Cards that we'll be building every month.

We're launching Series 3 to provide our players a way to collect content they may have missed from months past. Series 3 will focus on making older content - at least 6+ months old - available as we gradually introduce more Cards to the collection. All Series 3 content can be Crafted via Scrap and also be found in standard Gear Packs making it easy to fill those holes in your collection.

Emblems from past Packs will not become available as an exclusive momento of those who built their collections via Community or Featured Gear Packs. Additionally, the Beta Vintage Kait and all Season Pass exclusive content will remain exclusive - we have no plans to add these Cards to Series 3.

Over time, this Series will grow with cards from past Featured and Community Packs, plus some promotional items that were previously exclusive to specific promotions in Year 1. We're kicking things off with our BIGGEST character drop in a Series to date alongside a bunch of weapon skins. Here's the 57 Card lineup you can find in game right now as part of Series 3:



  • Old Man Marcus
  • Tomorrow Anya
  • Zombie Dom
  • Vintage Oscar
  • Vintage Del
  • Vintage Reyna
  • Zombie JD
  • UIR Male
  • UIR Female
  • Elite UIR Male
  • Elite UIR Female
  • Gary Carmine 

Weapon Skins

  • Foam Lancer
  • Outsider Lancer
  • Warbird Gnasher
  • Marcus Tattoo Gnasher
  • Black Walnut Gnasher
  • Hot Rod Gnasher
  • Vintage Retro Lancer
  • Vintage Boomshot
  • Vintage Boltok
  • Vintage Longshot
  • Vintage Lancer
  • Vintage Snub
  • Gold Wave Lancer
  • Gold Wave Gnasher
  • Dark Omen Gnasher
  • Zombie Lancer – Totinos promotion
  • Zombie Gnasher – Totinos promotion
  • UIR Weapon Skin set (all 14 weapons)
  • Elite UIR Weapon Skin set (all 14 weapons)

We have more surprises to come this November including the launch of the Season Pass "Map Owned' Bonus and more! Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the surprises and future Series 3 drops.