Gears of War 4 - Community Weapon Skin Shortlist

Hi there Gears fans!

We recently launched a long requested competition with our fans, asking YOU to submit your dream weapon skin designs - one for an eSports themed Lancer, and the other for a Community themed Gnasher - for the chance to have it featured in-game.

The response has been amazing. We sat down yesterday with a team of judges at The Coalition to select the winners and were blown away by the volume - and quality - of the entries we received. In fact, we were so impressed by so many of the entries, that we need another round of judging in order to find our winners!

In the meantime, we wanted to share the shortlist of 10 Weapon Skins for both Community and eSports that are in the running to celebrate some of the amazing work on show in this competition. Check them out below in no particular order!

Let us know your favorite skins of the bunch by tweeting to us your eSports Lancer favorites to @eSportsGears or Gnasher favorites to @GearsofWar on Twitter.

Note: Some of the Weapon Skins we reviewed that we'd love to include here did not qualify, as the designs did not meet necessary criteria to be included in the game.

eSports Lancer

Ess Limitless xShadowki11erx Fluxiem I AM AD0PTED Aporia Viciouz Jeter Angry Clowns The Kurvez


Monsty Arts

Community Gnasher

Kurrupt3d M1nd

III Essence Warborn Reaper Mafia Mobster 34 II JessLL

R Capt P Molo V StrictBroom6227 The Kurvez

Fluexiem I AM AD0PTEDThank you again to all our fans who took the time out to enter this competition. Your creativity is astounding!