Welcome back Gears fans! We hope you had an amazing end to your 2018 (and got some good Gears time in too!). We're back with our first What's Up of the 2019, the year of Gears 5. Let's say that one more itme. The. Year. of. Gears. 5. Chills! 

As always, we'll be here every Thursday to bring you the latest and greatest news, community content and more from the Gearsiverse followed by our weekly stream later in the day (with special guest Multiplayer Design Director Ryan Cleven this week no less!).

But for now, on with the show! Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears:

  • Classic Golden Gear Character Challenge
  • Gnashers Only KOTH and Horde Mania live now
  • UIR Vanguard Pack returns Friday
  • We give a first comment on the future of Gears 4

Coming Up in Gears of War 4

There’s already plenty going on in Gears of War 4 since the start of the New Year! In case you missed all the news, here’s all the goodness live now and over the weekend:


If you haven’t heard the news, we kicked off the New Year with a New You. Well, if you’re on the COG team anyway.

Earn 150,000 Score in Versus Public Play before February 10th and you can claim the Classic Golden Gear character (who you may remember from a little game called Gears 3!). As always with Challenges, you can track your progress within the Xbox Guide Gears 4 achievements under ‘Play And Earn: Classic Golden Gear’.

Feeling like 150,000 Score is a bit much? King of the Hill and Escalation offer some of the best ways to get the most score in the shortest amount of time due to their objective score focus. Don’t forget that every assist, down and objective play also makes a difference to your score, so you won’t need to be a high-end slayer to get this eventually. Good luck!


You know it, you love it and it’s back in 2019. Gnashers Only KOTH – with Competitive settings – is back in Gears of War 4 for a few weeks with 50% bonus XP.

Gnashers Only KOTH inherits a lot of the faster pace elements of KOTH’s faster sibling Blitz to create constant Gnasher on Gnasher insanity. If you like Gnasher duels then, well, what are you waiting for?

featured horde playlist

Our featured Horde playlist this month brings back Horde Mania, a 25 wave Horde variant that features no setup time between waves and aggressive enemy compositions to fight.


This week’s returning Gear Pack is the UIR Vanguard pack, featuring two helmetless UIR Elite Characters and the matching UIR Vanguard Weapon Skin set. Find it in-game beginning this Friday for one week.


We’ve already had a bunch of questions coming into 2019 about the future of Gears 4 – what can we expect? How will support change given that Gears 5 releases this year? (still not over saying that!).

Gears 5 is obviously taking up the majority of the team’s focus as they look to make the best game possible for you when it gets into your hands this year (!!). That said, support for Gears 4 will continue all the way up to the release of Gears 5 with a continuing roster of Special Events (St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Bunny Hunt, OSOK, and much more), new challenges and new content to earn!

Stay tuned to What’s Up to keep up to date on all the latest, including our upcoming Roadmap to give you a look at what to expect in the coming months.

This Week In Esports

This week’s Fight Night featured a show match between Fire N Ice and Reciprocity; in addition to the 2k finals for the LATAM and NA regions with LATAM Kings taking on Elevate, and Greenwall taking on Contenders.

The show kicked off with the show match between Reciprocity, now with a brand new roster including Kenny and Demo, and Fire N Ice, with their new North American team.
This best of one match came to a quick conclusion as Reciprocity took down Fire N Ice 7-3 on Harbor.

Next, Elevate battled LATAM Kings in the LATAM 2k finals. LATAM Kings had the upper hand all the way through, dominating Elevate 7-0, 7-2, to take home the W.

Rounding out Fight Night, we had the North American 2k finals between the Contenders, who were looking to defend their NA 2k title against Greenwall.
Map 1 – Oldtown proved to be an easy win for Greenwall, but Map 2 - Harbor had both teams going neck and neck, finally ending with Greenwall narrowly edging out the Contenders 7-6.

In other Esports news, the Gears Pro Circuit Mexico City Open in under a month away and spectator passes are currently on sale. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, don’t miss out on what will be one of the most exciting events in Gears Esports!

To buy passes and check out event information, click here!

Museum of Community Glory

Greetings Gears, Vectes here, back with our first Gears Creator Spotlight of 2019!

This week, we’re featuring one of the key members of the Gears community, who truly needs no introduction – Guy Blaze.

Blaze started gaming professionally back in 2007 where he won multiple Gears of War tournaments (he’s been to over 20 MLG's and well over 30 tournaments). He’s hung up the pro-sticks and moved behind the desk to be the lead caster for Gears Fight Nights and the Pro Circuit events. But he still loves to throw down on stream. He has also recently teamed up with @CrimsonGOW to bring you Comp Nights (be sure to watch the first one on January 11, 6pm EST!)

On his channel, you will find a variety of content including ranked gameplay, tips and tricks, and gaming sessions with viewers. Blaze has a big personality and loves to engage with his audience and is open to all conversation in chat. So, grab a beer, don’t be shy and send him a game invite! His Gamertag is Guy Blaze.

Sweaty Ranked Games

Playing with viewers. Say Heyyy! <3

Let’s learn how to play Gears XD!

Check out some other great videos on his Twitch channel. You can also keep in touch with him on Twitter.

Are you a Gears Video Creator in the community? Tweet a link to your channel to @CoalitionGears with #WhatsUpGears for a chance to be featured in What’s Up next week! Everyone featured will receive the TCA Commendation Lancer.

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