Gears of War 4 - July Hotfix Update

Hello Gears fans!

We have a myriad of updates to share today, so let's dive right into it.

Hot-Fix Update Arriving Tomorrow

Tomorrow, we are releasing a small update to Gears of War 4 that fixes some community reported bugs and introduces functionality needed for our upcoming Competitive 2.0 Beta test playlist (more on that later in the article).

Update Notes

  • Fixed an exploit where immediately swapping to another weapon while revving the Torque Bow shows the player having a different weapon when they are still revving the Torque Bow
  • Avalanche: Fixed an issue where players could be killed in the Avalanche area if an Avalanche occured during a round transition.
  • Reclaimed Windflare: Adjustments to the Lightning Strike fizzle to ensure it represents the actual damage radius of the Strike
Map Rotation Update

Map Rotation is a feature of Gears of War 4 that, over the past few months, we've been continually working to improve based on your feedback.

Today, we're excited to announce that - from tomorrow onwards - every map released for Gears of War 4 will be in the Versus Public Play Map Rotation at the same time. Now I bet the question you're asking is - how is there a Map Rotation if everything is live in Public Matchmaking? (Good question!).

From now on, Map Rotation no longer signals a change in which maps are available in Public Play, but rather the probability of maps appearing. Each month, we'll be adjusting the probability of each map's chance of appearing in Social or Ranked Matches. By changing to this system, we're able to keep every map in matchmaking with a changing roster of maps that you'll be more likely to see every month.

For this month, we're starting with every map on equal terms. We're going to be watching which maps you play the most, which maps you are voting for and listening to your feedback to help us define the first balancing pass for our Map Rotation in the future. Get out there tomorrow (Wednesday July 12th) to try out these changes for yourself and let us know your feedback. You know where to find us.

Season Pass holders will still have the benefit of an exclusive week of access to our maps through the Developer Playlist (with 2XP and 20% Bonus Credits), access to play any map at any time in Private Play regardless of their matchmaking probability, and the ability to play all Maps in Horde rather than the more limited selection that will be available for Horde matchmaking.

(Note: Escalation will still use the Gears Pro Circuit Map Rotation along with the latest maps. Horde Matchmaking will have a smaller selection of available maps focused on those that provide great Horde experiences. New Maps will still be exclusive to the Developer Playlist for one week before being added to the Map Rotation for all playlists).

Competitive 2.0 Beta

As we mentioned last month, a Competitive 2.0 Beta playlist is on the way! This playlist contains new Competitive settings and tuning for Season 2 of Gears eSports, crafted with the support of a number of the Gears Pro Circuit Pro Players who provided valuable feedback at our latest studio playtest.

We'll be releasing the first phase of our Competitive 2.0 testing on Friday July 14th in a dedicated playlist. We'll have a full breakdown on what to expect from this multi-phase Competitive settings test later this week.

Ranked Season 2

We've had a lot of questions about when Ranked Play Season 1 ends in Gears of War 4 lately - so here's the latest.

We're looking to take the opportunity of a Season transition to further iterate on our ranking calculations and some other behind-the-scenes matchmaking improvements. Since we're working on introducing these updates with the switch to Season 2, we're currently not ready to announce a firm date for the end of Season 1 as yet.

We're still planning to provide as much notice as possible once we have the date locked. As a provisional heads up, plan for your grinds up the Ranking Ladder to last no more than a few more weeks. Don't say we didn't warn you.

That's it from us! Thanks for your continued feedback, and we hope you'll join us to test the new Competitive 2.0 Beta settings this Friday. See you online Gears fans.