March Versus Event: Classic OSOK


Our monthly Versus Event for March kicks off tomorrow with Classic One Shot One Kill!

For those of you who don't know, One Shot One Kill is a Snipers Only version of Team Deathmatch featuring Longshot Starts and Sniper pickups. For this event, we're going back to basics with Classic OSOK - that means it's only about the Longshot this time out. While you're out there "loving that pop", you'll also be levelling up faster with Double XP!

For this version of OSOK, we've selected a mix of experiences - the close quarters Diner, the low visibility setting of Impact Dark, the cover heavy Dam and the more open verticle setting of Reclaimed. Let us know what you think on our forums and @GearsofWar on Twitter!

Here's a rundown of the settings:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • 10 Respawns, 2 Rounds To Win
  • Longshot Starts and Pickups ONLY
  • Maps: Dam, Diner, Impact Dark, Reclaimed
  • 2x XP


In addition, tomorrow marks the release of Tai as a Craftable Character! If you didn't find Tai early in one of our March Gear Packs, you'll be able to craft Tai for 2400 Scrap - or if you own multiple Tai Cards (lucky you!), you'll also be able to scrap Tai beginning tomorrow.

We'll see you online tomorrow for some OSOK action!