Update Details

The June Update has arrived with 15 brand new achievements and a small accessibility update based on feedback from the community.

New Achievements

The June Update brings our latest set of achievements to the game, themed around ‘Mastery’ in Gears 4. This set has been designed to give our players a way to really show they are true Gears Masters – now some of these may take time so don’t expect players to earn them instantly – and as always, achievements are not retro-active as we look to provide forward looking challenges for players.

For Versus players, this set will challenge you to maximize your skilled usage of weapons across the Gears 4 lineup repeatedly over time. For Horde players, you’ll need to put your skills to the ultimate test across three unique challenges on Insane difficulty. Here’s the full achievement list lineup:


Lancer Mastery (25G)

Get 500 score from damage with the Lancer in a match 20 times (Public Versus only)

Gnasher Mastery (25G)

Get 3 kills with the Gnasher without dying 50 times (Public Versus only)

Boomshot Mastery (30G)

Get 25 Double Kills with the Boomshot (Public Versus only)

Dropshot Mastery (30G)

Get 3 Headshots and 20 Double Kills with the Dropshot (Public Versus only)

EMBAR Mastery (30G)

Get 3 kills in one clip with the EMBAR 10 times - no reloads here (Public Versus only)

Enforcer Mastery (30G)

Get 5 downs with the Enforcer in one match 20 times (Public Versus only)

Hammerburst Mastery (30G)

Get 500 score from damage with the Hammerburst in a match 20 times (Public Versus only)

Longshot Mastery (30G)

Get 2 Super and 10 Hat Trick Ribbons using only the Longshot (Public Versus only)

Markza Mastery (30G)

Get 3 headshots in one match with the Markza 10 times (Public Versus only)

Overkill Mastery (30G)

Get 2 kills in one clip with the Overkill 50 times (Public Versus only)

Retro Lancer Mastery (30G)

Get 3 kills with the Retro Lancer without dying 20 times (Public Versus only)

Torque Bow Mastery (30G)

Get 2 kills in a row with the Torque Bow 20 times (Public Versus only)


You Are The Support Son! (50G)

Complete a 25 or 50 wave variant of Private Horde on Insane difficulty without ever spending power at the Fabricator

The Perfect Run (50G)

Complete a 25 or 50 wave variant of Private Horde on Insane with zero team deaths

Do You Even Lift? (50G)

Complete a 25 or 50 wave variant of Horde on Lift with 5 Soldiers on Insane

We’ve already received some feedback around the early reveal of the Longshot Mastery achievement Super requirement and the team are discussing a potential reduction in a future Update.

However, this list has been designed to be a challenge – and one that takes proving your skills repeatedly to earn. We want earning these to be something that really shows you have good skills with the weapon.

Accessibility update: Fabricator ping

In an effort to continue making Gears 4 as accessible as possible to all types of players, we have added a new option to enable a Ping emitted from the Fabricator's location in Horde when activating Tac-Com.

This feature will help players who rely more heavily on audio to locate the Fabricator accurately through sound. This was inspired by feedback from our amazing fan SightlessKombat, who plays Gears without sight regularly using a variety of audio based cues (like a friend in co-op revving the chainsaw to help locate them through audio). If you'd like to use this feature, enable it by going to Settings -> Accessibility -> Fabricator Ping.

We hope this will make future Horde sessions for any low-visibility or sightless Gears fans out there much easier in future!

The Road Ahead

We've got plenty still to come for Gears of War 4 this June and early July for Gears 4.

Get ready for two brand new Challenges beginning next week to earn the Microsoft Studios Animated Weapon Skin set! This set is inspired by the ink wipe animation that introduces the Microsoft Studios logo when you load the game.

We'll have another new Gear Pack in early June, followed by the hotly in demand arrival of 2v2 Gnashers Only with Competitive Settings. Oh and that skin you've never seen before? It's a new animated skin called 'Heartbeat'. We'll reveal it in full soon.

Late June / Early July brings another duo of Versus and Horde events plus another new Gear Pack to spend your hard-earned Credits on. There's much more to come beyond early July, and we'll keep you up to date on what to expect as we get closer to the end of this Roadmap.