April Horde Event - Feral Horde

Get ready for to fight like an animal again - Feral Horde is back!

Feral Horde ratchets up the intensity of each wave, changing the composition of each wave to focus more on constant pressure and unrelenting assault. Prepare to move, dodge and scrap your way to victory against new waves filled with hefty amounts of Explosive Trackers, Swarm Grenadiers, DR-1s, Dropshot Scions and more! 

This time out, the playlist is set to Normal Difficulty and - for this weekend only - Double Class XP! Make sure to dive in this weekend no matter your skill level to take on a new Horde experience and level up faster. Feral Horde will be available until our May Horde Weekend.

The Marcus Gear Pack is Back!

Our Marcus April Gear Packs returns today! This three Card Pack features 2 Marcus variants to collect, as well as a Fenix branded weapon skin set.

Will you reminisce on the epic battle against the Lambent with V-Day Marcus or don a new leather-clad look for Old Marcus with the Biker variant? Find this Pack in-game now until Monday for 400 Credits / $0.99.

Craftable Bernie


V-Day Bernie is now craftable! You also have a chance at finding her in the Marcus Gear Pack that's back for this weekend.