Gears of War 4 - Seriously 4.0 Challenge

Every Gears fan knows that the ultimate mark of Gears mastery and dedication comes in the form of Seriously. As we head towards the first anniversary of Gears of War 4, the spotlight turns to Seriously 4.0, worth a whopping 200 gamerscore.

We’re issuing a challenge to see if YOU can join the exclusive ‘1st Year’ Seriously 4.0 club for a special one-time only reward. If you can complete Seriously 4.0 by 11:59pm on October 13th 2017, you’ll be awarded this special commemorative emblem to seal your place as one of the first to master Seriously in Gears of War 4!

Of the millions of players out there who have played Gears of War 4, less than 0.05% of players have managed to complete this insane accomplishment so far – so you have just under two months to earn your place and be one of the elite few who will ever own this emblem.

Here’s a reminder on what it takes to earn Seriously 4.0:

  • Reach Re-Up 10
  • Complete the Campaign on Insane
  • Earn all Ribbons*
  • Earn a Rank in 1 Core and 1 Competitive Playlist
  • Get all Horde Classes to Level 10
  • Get 5 Horde Skills to Level 5
  • Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde in a squad on every launch map (any difficulty)

Each of these requirements is tracked by an individual achievement to help you keep on top of what stands between you and Seriously 4.0. But why was their an asterisks next to Earn All Ribbons you ask?

Well, we know there’s a few ribbons in the collection that require some really specific circumstances, relying heavily on the actions or performance of other players to pull off. We’ve heard your cries to do something about these ribbons, and we’ve decided to make some changes.

As of the September Update, the following Ribbons will no longer be required to earn the 'Chest Candy' achievement and the ‘Earn All Ribbons’ requirement in Seriously 4.0:

  • Ole! – Grenade tag a bayonet-charging enemy
  • Not Today – Revived every member of your team in a single round of an Execution or Warzone match
  • Smorgasbord – Killed an enemy with each weapon in Arms Race

That’s it from us. Stay tuned for plenty more news to come this week. The race to Seriously 4.0 is on!

TC out.