Gnasher Developer Test Weekend

The Coalition are playing, listening and watching all things Gears 4 online on a day-to-day basis to find improvements we can make to the game whenever possible.

Recently, we've come to a new conclusion on how we can provide an update to improve the close range consistency of the Gnasher – especially after hearing your feedback from our most recent tuning update. While the mechanical change to the Gnasher seems to have been a major improvement, we felt like some of our close range values could be changed to provide a better experience.

This weekend, we’re running a special Developer Playlist Weekend featuring new Gnasher tuning that focuses on the close-range performance of the Gnasher. To put it simply, this change increases the Point Blank Range and Gib Range to match the Damage Fall Off Range (where you begin to do less than 100% damage when landing a full spread).

What does this mean? Gibbing enemies now becomes more reliable by removing an extremely short-range window that existed prior, where a full-spread would earn you full damage but would not provide the benefit of the Point Blank damage bonus needed to earn the gib. The ‘false-positive’ hit that looked like it you should have gibbed an enemy but did not should now be gone, resulting in the renowned 83%, 87% or 95% hits hopefully being a thing of the past.

For the purposes of this test, the range trial will be run in a Core setup, but the consistency range change will also apply to Competitive. As this is a test, Developer Playlist Bonus XP and Credits are not active.

Season Pass Holders can play in this special test playlist beginning tomorrow, Friday 19th May. We’ll have a dedicated feedback thread set up in the forum once the playlist is live, and we look forward to your feedback!