Gears of War 4 - Horde Frenzy

Prepare for 25 waves of intense action with Horde Frenzy!

Horde Frenzy is a new 25 Wave variant of Horde that ratchets up the challenge of Anything Goes' random wave format in a shorter more intense experience. You'll need all your skills as you take on 25 waves of random enemies while preparing to take on a boss every 5 waves! Use your Skills wisely and bank your power fast to make sure you can survive the onslaught of enemies and bosses that just keep coming.

Horde Frenzy is targeted as an 60-90 minute version of Horde. For the launch of this new playlist, three maps will be available - Avalanche, Dawn and Forge Blitz - with the difficulty set to Normal Iroman and Insane. Toggle the difficulties by turning Ironman On for Normal, or Off for Insane. Boss Loot Drops occur at Wave 25 only. We'll be listening to your thoughts and feedback on this mode as we look to the future of Horde Frenzy.

Play it for yourself tomorrow (we sure will be!) when it launches on August 18th. Until Friday August 25th, earn 50% extra XP in this playlist as a special introduction bonus - then the playlist will stick around with normal XP until our next Horde Event. We'll see you out there.