Gears of War 4 - June Gnasher Update

Hello Gears fans!

We recently released a Gnasher Update that combined the improvements tested by players in our Developer Playlist with some mechanical behind the scenes changes to the Gnasher that were new to the June Update.

Since then, we’ve heard your feedback on the dynamics of the Gnasher and we’ve been hard at work on a second update to refine our mechanical improvements.

We’re excited to share these improvements will be live tomorrow, Friday June 23rd! Read on for all the detail on what we changed with the June Update, and how we’re improving the Gnasher further with tomorrow’s changes.

That Number 83

Last month, we tested a Gnasher change in a Developer Playlist to reduce instances of landing ‘83%’ hits and make close range combat clearer and more consistent. Here’s an extract from the article announcing these changes:

To put it simply, this change increases the Point Blank Range and Gib Range to match the Damage Fall Off Range (where you begin to do less than 100% damage when landing a full spread).

What does this mean? Gibbing enemies now becomes more reliable by removing an extremely short-range window that existed prior, where a full-spread would earn you full damage but would not provide the benefit of the Point Blank damage bonus needed to earn the Gib. The ‘false-positive’ hit that looked like it you should have Gibbed an enemy but did not should now be gone, resulting in the renowned 83%, 87% or 95% hits hopefully being a thing of the past.

The consensus from this playtest was this marked an improvement in the performance of the Gnasher as well as a significant reduction in 83% hits. These changes included matching the Gib Range to the previous ‘Full Damage’ range window described above – which essentially pushed the Gib Range out further than before.

With this update, we’re shifting both the Gib range and the Full Damage range to be just slightly further (think a footstep or so) than the Gib range prior to the June Update. This means the consistency improvements will remain - as the Gib vs Full Damage ranges are still the same - but Gibs will now only occur at a similar range as before the June Update.

Left Trigger Mechanics

In Gears of War 4, as in prior Gears of War games, Left Trigger shots come from the center of the screen / player rather than from the barrel of the gun. As part of that system since release, Gears of War 4 has a shot prioritization system for some of the quirks of fighting around cover using Left Trigger. When holding Left Trigger, the game is constantly making millisecond decisions whether to fire your aimed shot from either the barrel or the center of the screen by checking where the center pellet would land. If the center pellet would miss from a center screen shot but hit from the barrel for example, it would choose to fire from the barrel.

As an improvement to the consistency of that system, we now check where ALL of the pellets in a shotgun shot will land and pick the shot origin that will land the most hits. This improves the feeling of consistency for hard aiming above and around cover at close ranges.

With the June Update, the range of this checking distance extended all the way to mid-range Gnasher distances, which was causing the Left Trigger to be a little more potent than it should be. We’ve now pulled this check in to around 2/3rds of the Gib Range (or just over a standard piece of cover) to ensure it now only has an impact in very close-quarters cover fights.

Competitive Hip-Fires

In almost every First or Third Person Shooter title, there is some element of ‘stickiness’ to aiming happening at a minimal level to help the millimeter fine tuning that is extremely difficult to execute on with a controller.

The Gnasher Hipfire has a very minimal level of stickiness to it when passing over an enemy. We made some changes to this in the June Update to push for a higher skill gap, but based on community feedback, we’ve decided to revert our changes to bring back a stronger sense of consistency.

What’s with all the headshots?
The headshots are a visual quirk of the system only. If you land a kill at Gib distance - but one pellet of your spread lands directly on the head - it will cause this to display as a headshot.

In order to make sure this is clear to all players, we’re looking at changing this visual feedback for a future Update so that Gnasher Gibs will no longer display as a headshot.

Up Next for Competitive Tuning
On top of these changes tomorrow, we have more in store for Competitive fans in the coming weeks.

As you may have seen, a number of our Pro Players from the Gears eSports Pro Circuit scene were flown to our studio this past week to provide valuable feedback on our new settings and tuning for Season 2 of Gears eSports.

Following that test, we will be releasing a Competitive 2.0 Beta playlist in the near future to let fans get hands on with the new tuning crafted based on the feedback from that playtest. Stay tuned for full info on the changes and this test playlist very soon!

Bringing You Closer To The Game

To bring you closer to the details and mechanics behind tuning or mechanical weapon changes, we’re also planning a new video series to dive into the finer points of the game (like deep diving on how the Gnasher works with damage values/curves) and to explain any future updates.

These videos will include never before seen levels of detail on our Multiplayer systems including graphs, statistics and more. We hope this new series will provide new levels of insight into the game you love and we can’t wait to share more news on this new series in the future!

Thanks for all the great feedback and insight you provided across the community. As always, we’ll be listening to your feedback on these new changes when they go live tomorrow. See you online.