April Gear Pack - Marcus Fenix

*UPDATE* This Pack has now been extended till Wednesday 12th April.

Our April Gear Packs kick off tomorrow with the man himself - Marcus Fenix! This three Card Pack features 2 Marcus variants to collect, as well as a Fenix branded weapon skin set.

Will you reminisce on the epic battle against the Lambent with V-Day Marcus or don a new leather-clad look for Old Marcus with the Biker variant?


In this Gear Pack, you'll also have a chance at finding V-Day Bernie early! Every Pack you open has a small chance of finding her. Don't forget: If you aren't lucky enough to find Bernie early, you can add her to your collection later this month via Scrap. 

Find this Gear Pack in-game on Friday 7th April for 400 Credits / $0.99 USD until Wednesday! Let us know your favorite weapon skin set or if you found Bernie early on Twitter by tagging @GearsofWar

Note: V-Day Bernie cannot be Scrapped until her release as a Craft Only character later this month.


Pack Contents


  • Biker Marcus
  • V-Day Marcus

Weapon Skin Sets

  • Biker


  • Biker Marcus

Bonus: Chance To Find Craftable Character Early!

  • V-Day Bernie