April Gear Pack - RAAM Emergence

For RAAM! Rise! General RAAM has emerged to dominate the battlefield!

The RAAM Emergence Pack contains the infamous General RAAM in all his imposing glory to add to your collection. This Pack also contains Kantus and Savage Kantus, RAAM Weapon Skins, Corpser Weapon Skins and more to collect! Each Pack also contains a small chance to find Bernie Mataki early.

Find this Gear Pack in-game now for 2000 Credits / $4.99 USD until Monday! But that's not all..

Introducing Mega Packs

Mega Packs are new monetary Gear Pack option we're introducing for players beginning today with the RAAM Emergence Mega Pack! Mega Packs are a new way of delivering more Cards for players looking to acquire multiple Gear Packs at once - rather than two Gear Packs containing 5 Cards, you can now choose to pick up one Gear Pack with 10 Cards (plus a bonus Card).

By having a bigger 10 Card Pool, this also means Mega Packs have a variety of other benefits including:

  • A guaranteed Character from the Pack Collection (in this case, the RAAM Emergence Collection)
  • A chance of finding up to three Characters from the collection in one Mega Pack
  • Less chance for duplicate weapons or characters compared to opening two individual Gear Packs
  • A bonus RAAM Emergence Weapon Skin card or early access to Bernie Mataki on top of the 10 Cards you find in the Mega Pack

If this sounds like the Pack for you, the RAAM Emergence Mega Pack can be found in-game now for $9.99 USD or $24.99 USD for a bundle of three.

Let us know if the General has joined your ranks by tweeting @GearsofWar on Twitter!


Pack Contents


  • General RAAM
  • Savage Kantus
  • Kantus

Weapon Skin Sets

  • RAAM
  • Corpser


  • RAAM
  • Savage Kantus

Bonus: Chance To Find Craftable Character Early!

  • V-Day Bernie


In both the Standard and Mega Gear Packs, you'll also have a chance at finding V-Day Bernie early! Every Pack you open has a small chance of finding her. Don't forget: If you aren't lucky enough to find Bernie early, you can add her to your collection later this month via Scrap. 

Note: V-Day Bernie cannot be Scrapped until her release as a Craft Only character later this month.