Season 2 Finals Recap and Video - Congrats to EnVyUs!


The Gears eSports Season 2 Grand Finals took place at PAX East in Boston, on Saturday April 23, 2016. In front of a live full house audience, Team EnVyUs proved to be the best of the best at PAX as they emerged victorious over Denial 4-0 to take home the lions share of the $60,000 dollar prize pool and the Gears Pro League Champions trophy. 

Watch the Recap Video and Highlights here:

In addition to the Season 2 Finals, the PAX event also hosted the worldwide exclusive reveal of the new Gears of War 4 competitive game mode, "Escalation." Rod Fergusson (Studio Head of The Coalition), Ryan Cleven (Lead Multiplayer Designer for Gears of War 4) and host Alex Mendez (Goldenboy) discussed the new mode in-depth and introduced the showcase. You can watch the "Escalation" discussion and showcase match video here.


Two full teams of professional Gears of War players practiced and strategized over the course of a few days on how they would play out the new mode, new map and new game. Not only were they showcasing the new mode, they were also playing for $2,500 in cash and the exclusive yet-to-be-released HyperX Cloud Revolver headsets -- uniquely branded Gears just for the event at PAX. The teams featured a range of "OG" and new Gears of War players. 'New World Order' consisted of captain J Ribs plus BxA Mentz, E6 Po5eidon, E6 Hudsonz, and Crushmo vs. 'The Coalition's Finest' captain Prison with Phenomxnon, Yogurt, Pro5pect, and Wildebeast. The match was fast and furious with rounds going back and forth. Highlights including J Ribs' amazing 3k defending the D hill, Phenomxnon's incredible Cap/Break play, and Prison's last second defense of the F hill to keep his team in the game. After the dust had settled, after thirteen rounds of play we had our winners - The Coalition's Finest. A big thanks to our sponsors Xbox, Totino's, and HyperX for bringing Gears of War 4 to PAX East.



The event was hosted by Twitch streamer and former Gears of War professional CDNThe3rd who brought incredible energy to the day. Guy "Blaze" Spencer, Jon "Falloutt" Kefaloukos and Chris "Deluxe" Haas provided casting and commentary for the matches. EnVyUs defeated DreamTeam in a very narrow 3-2 victory in one of the most exciting matches of the day. DreamTeam (SiCaMoRe, DeMo Bounce, Sleepytime, and Xcells) put up an intense fight and nearly came out with the win. With their coach Ashes in place of Season 1 and 2 teammate Solurs along with Lava, MentaL, and Xplosive, Denial came into the Finals event with little team practice and preparation. However, Ashes showed up to play and the skill of Denial showed through with them taking a 3-0 victory over Notorious (Kenny, Red Icy, Kyle, and Dispensa). In the 3rd place match Notorious beat DreamTeam 3-1, in a match that was closer than it looked with both teams playing for pride and the 3rd place prize pool.


In the Grand Finals, EnVyUs (FraNChiS, Soto, PraizedZ, and Toysxldier with coach RyanFoolz) defeated Denial in a four map sweep in the Best of 7. For map one we had Mansion which was back and forth each round, 'till nV built a commanding 3-1 lead. Denial fought back to make it 3-2, before nV finally took the map. Map two was Canals, which opened up with Praized getting a quick double against Denial to give nV the first round. A quick back and forth was broken by nV stringing two rounds in a row together, to take the map 4-2. Clocktower was our map 3, with nV pulling ahead quickly and taking the map 4-2 on the back of some amazing Sniper/gnasher shots out of ToySxldier.


From there we went to map 4 - Fuel Depot. Denial would take the first round in a victory so fast even ToySxldier as General Raam couldn't stop it. From there though Toy would lead the charge as nV would win visceral fight after visceral fight. EnVyUs seemed to have every answer to Denial's strategies though a brief spark of life would have Denial take round 5, it was clear that nV was in the driver’s seat. In the end Denial would put up a good fight despite the final score, but would fall to nV 2-4 giving EnVyUs their first Gears of War title, and making them the Season 2 champions, capping off an incredible 12-2 run during the season.

EnVyUs takes home the lion's share of the $60,000 Season 2 prize pool, a badass trophy, and the respect of being the best Gears team in the world. A big congratulations to FraNChiS, Soto, PraizedZ, Toysxldier, and RyanFoolz and their organization Team EnVyUs

What's next for Gears eSports? We'll be sharing some news soon on our upcoming summer LAN events in North America and Europe. Make sure to follow @eSportsGears on Twitter for all the updates.