Gears of War 4 - Disaster Relief

Unprecedented devastation from multiple hurricanes and the recent earthquake is wreaking havoc on countless people and their communities.

Since 2006, Gears fans have embodied the spirit of 'Never Fight Alone', banding together to help out causes and charities from around the world more times than we can count. We invite all you to come together once more and join us in helping those impacted by this devastation through these difficult times.

To support the relief efforts on the ground, we’re releasing the Carmine Gear Pack collection as a special Charity Pack, with 100% of the proceeds of all pack sales going directly to Red Cross to support impacted areas. Every Pack you purchase will make a difference, even if you own all the content, and it’s available until Sunday September 10th at 10am PDT.

We encourage you to help however you can, whichever way you want. Whether you donate through this Pack, directly to a charity of your choice or even just help spread the word of the great causes doing so much - thank you. You make us proud.

From all of us at The Coalition