May Gear Pack - Zombie Carmines

The Carmine Brothers are back... from the dead! Death runs strong in the Carmine family, and now the poor trio of Carmines that died in Gears of War titles are back from the dead complete with their original injuries.

Anthony Carmine rises with his brutal headshot injury at the hands of a Locust Sniper. Then there's Gary who, let's be honest, got really messed up trying to defend his home. Poor Gary. And of course, the plucky Benjamin Carmine returns complete with his missing lower torso inners - an injury that can be seen in all it's glory gory from the front and the rear!

We're also excited to announce further changes coming to the Zombies Dialogue next month. This month, we reduced the amount "BRAAAAINS' triggers when using a Zombie Character by half but we wanted to do more. We know our fans love using specific characters because of who they are - and that means their dialogue is just as important as anything else, regardless of any visual variance that a skin provides.

As such, in our June Update, all Zombies Characters will use their standard character dialogue - and that includes Zombie Anthony and Zombie Benjamin. We've recorded their character dialogue for Gears of War 4, and we look forward to fans experiencing classic Carmine dialogue for these characters in our June update onwards. "BRAAAAAINS" dialogue will be limited to when you land a headshot as a Zombie Character.

The Zombie Carmine Gear Pack arrives May 12th for 2000 Credits / $4.99 USD! This release also comes with the added option of the Zombie Carmine Mega Pack - a 10 Card Gear Pack that offers a guaranteed Zombie Carmine character and less duplicates compared to opening two separate Gear Packs. Mega Pack bundles begin at $9.99 USD.

Pack Contents



  • Zombie Ben Carmine
  • Zombie Anthony Carmine
  • Zombie Gary Carmine

Weapon Skins

  • Zombie Carmine


  • Zombie Carmine

Bonus Chance To Find Craftable Character Early!

  • Locust Grenadier Elite


In both the Standard and Mega Gear Packs, you'll also have a chance at finding the Locust Grenadier Elite early! Every Pack you open has a small chance of finding it. Don't forget: If you aren't lucky enough to find the Locust Grenadier Elite early, you can add it to your collection later this month via Scrap. 

Note: Locust Grenadier Elite cannot be Scrapped until it's release as a Craft Only character later this month.