The Coalition Army November 2016 Update

During the Gears of War 4 Beta, we launched the first phase of The Coalition Army. The Coalition Army is a program that is built to give back to our creators - whether you’re a veteran of your craft, or just starting out, signing up lets us know you create in the Gears of War community and gives you the tools to take your content even further. In the past six months, we've released customizable intros for YouTube, stream overlays and 4K Cosplay Guides for the community to use to fuel their own creations.

Today, we are excited to share the next update to The Coalition Army! This new update features a whole host of new resources and brand new rewards for our creators. Whether you’re bringing our characters to life through cosplay, streaming to an audience while playing Gears or drawing your own take on our universe via fan-art, this program is our commitment to our fans to support your work and help take it to the next level.

Update Details

This update to The Coalition Army Library features new custom creations by the team at The Coalition and a whole host of new assets.

TCA Video Introduction
Whether you're looking to add extra polish to your videos or just want to showcase your community passion, we have a brand new video introduction for The Coalition Army ready for use. This introduction features a fully animated introduction, with three motion captured Gears taking their positions from the TCA logo backed by a bombastic audio introduction built by The Coalition's audio team. If you're browsing on Desktop, you can check a GIF preview of this intro at the top of the page.

TCA Gears of War 4 Stream Overlays
Gearsify your Gears of War 4 stream with our custom overlays! Built using UI features from the game, this overlay supports video overlays, tickers, notification popups as well as editable headers and footers. Editable through a PSD, you can fully customize the overlays to suit you.

Cosplay Guides
Built in coordination with the Character Team at The Coalition, our six page 4K Cosplay Guides for JD, Kate, Del and the Swarm Grenadier are now part of The Coalition Army Library. These resources provide extensive commentary on the details of each character to help you craft the most accurate Cosplay possible. We've also added our Legacy Cosplay Guides to the folder if you're looking to bring classic characters to life.

Gears of War Asset Library
This new library contains a wealth of logos, flythroughs, screenshots, character renders, keyart and more from Gears of War 4 to use in your creative work. We've also added a first wave of legacy Gears of War content to the library which we'll look to expand in the future.

This is just the start. We'll continue to work on new content for The Coalition Army, and listen to our creators for guidance on what you need to succeed!

Membership Rewards

Being part of The Coalition Army also has some in-game benefits to reward our creators for their contribution to the community.

The Coalition Army Recruit Lancer & Emblem
As you grow your content and begin to build an audience for it, The Coalition Army Recruit Lancer is ready and waiting to add to your collection along with a TCA Emblem. This Lancer is awarded when you reach 100 followers in your chosen primary creator field - for example, 100 Subscribers as a YouTuber - to your registered gamertag at a set point every month.

The Coalition Army Commendation Lancer
This special black and gold variant on the Recruit Lancer is exclusively awarded by The Coalition. This Lancer recognizes a major contribution to the Gears of War community through creation - for example, creating an amazing fan-site or an incredible recreation of a character through Cosplay. Anyone, no matter the size of your following or how new you are to creating anything Gears of War related, has the potential to earn this Lancer for themselves.

The Recruit Lancer will be awarded on a monthly basis. Further details on when the first wave of Recruit Lancers are distributed will be announced on our social channels, along with the monthly 'awarding' date going forward after the first distribution.

Enlist Today!

With the official launch of The Coalition Army, we'll be looking to highlight more community content over the months and years ahead, as well as doing more with our community creators than ever before.

Ready to sign up? We have a short questionnaire sign up form including verification to ensure you own the accounts you want to register. We care deeply about protecting our creators, and this step prevents fraudulent claims of ownership for our fans – we do not access any information beyond your account name during this process. You can sign up HERE.