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Here’s What’s Up this week!

  • It’s a Double XP weekend! Enjoy Global 2XP from February 16th – 19th
  • Year of the Dog “Pouncer Madness” Horde event begins February 16th
  • Log in daily and collect Year of the Dog Weapon Skins beginning February 16th
  • Destroy all duplicates, create multiples and more coming to Card Companion!
  • Quit Time Out Penalties have been increased, more changes on the way

Coming Up In Gears of War 4

Cupid’s Torque Bow Tag is still well underway in Gears 4 (if you haven’t already, head here to sign up for the latest Flaming Weapon Skin challenge) but there’s EVEN MORE to come this weekend with our Year of the Dog Event!

Enjoy Global Double XP in all game modes from Friday, February 16th until February 19th. Time for that next Re-Up!

Year of the Dog Horde Event
We’re celebrating the Year of the Dog with a Horde Madness event that puts the focus on the Swarm’s very own attack dog – the Pouncer. (Yes, we did have to force that tie in a little bit). Prepare for an overload of Pouncers and Juvies with weakened fortifications as you fight to survive all 25 waves on either Normal or Insane difficulty.

You’ll be able to earn Midnight Omen Weapon Skins as a Horde Boss Loot Drop at the end of Wave 25 – only until February 23rd!

In response to community feedback, every full run – either on Normal or Insane - guarantees a Midnight Omen Weapon Skin. In addition, only two will be available this time out to reduce the chance of finding a duplicate – the Midnight Omen Enforcer and Boomshot. 

Year of the Dog Daily Rewards
Oh you thought that was it? Nope! We’re giving away a bonus Year of The Dog weapon skin every single day beginning February 16th until March 1st. And they look SWEET.

We’ll also be offering a 48 hour First Win of The Day bonus as the start of the event and the end. Collect 800 Credits (up from 200) for your first win on February 15th, and 600 Credits for your first win on March 1st.

Permanent Double Class XP
As one last added bonus to our updates, throughout December and January, we activated Double Class XP to help players level up their Classes faster and take more skills into the fight. We have now decided to leave Double Class XP on FOREVER as the new default Class XP rate.

With Double XP this weekend, that means you’ll be earning 4x more experience than the old Class XP rate!

Overtime for the Thrashball Gear Pack
The Thrashball Gear Pack is back in Gears of War 4 for this weekend. Thrashball Cole and Drone feature alongside two Thrashball Team weapon skin sets. WOOO!

Card Companion Update

Next week, we’ll be launching an update to the Card Companion on GearsofWar.com with some long requested features!Destroy All Duplicates
Card Companion will allow you to easily Destroy All Duplicates per category with one easy button click, showing you how many Cards will be destroyed and for what Scrap value.

Create and Destroy Multiples
Card Companion will now allow you to individually create or destroy multiples of Cards for Bounties and Skills.

If you are creating Cards, you can now create any number of multiples up to your maximum Scrap capabilities. If you are destroying Cards, we’ll show you live in the interface how much Scrap your chosen multiple amount is worth.

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter channels for news on when the update is live next week.

Taking The Fight To Quitters

On Wednesday, we announced our latest steps to combat quitting in Gears of War 4. We increased the base matchmaking suspension to 30 minutes for quitting as well as reducing the penalty for rejoining and completing a match. We also dropped the news of potential Credit penalties for quitters coming in the near future. Read more here.

Beginning on Friday, we are also taking harsher action against AFK players. Players will have significantly less AFK time before being kicked from Social and Ranked – the latter of which will incur a suspension penalty.

Previous Kick Timer: 300 seconds (5 minutes)
New Kick Timer: 180 seconds (3 minutes)

Previous Kick Timer: 120 seconds (2 minutes)
New Kick Timer: 90 seconds (1 minute 30 seconds)

We will continue to monitor the results of these changes and listen to your feedback to determine any next steps.

Museum of Community Glory

Gears Fan Art has always been amazing – whether it’s digital, crafted or permanently showcased as a tattoo, we are consistently impressed by the creative passion of our community.

So this week, we’re celebrating it! Here’s the top picks from the fan submissions we received this week.

R3VoLv3R 85 has an INCREDIBLE Black Steel Kait tattoo [SOURCE]

@GriffinMorris99 - we salute you. This is amazing. [SOURCE]

@_Freyja_Luna perfectly captures Judgment Baird!  [SOURCE]

@lilCreepySleepy immortalized his Gears friends in digital art. Love this!  [SOURCE]

CaptainOates08 has built their own Gears 4 loadout!  [SOURCE]
There were so many others that we loved and didn't have space to feature. Thanks for all your incredible submissions. The chosen 5 will be receiving some in-game Gear Packs in the coming days.

Next week, it’s all about your top tips for the Year of the Dog Horde Event! Submit your 60 second tip video from Year of the Dog for chance to be featured in our forum's official Weekly Submission thread, or tweet @CoalitionGears with hashtag #WhatsUpGears.

Come In, Control

We’re out there in the community every day reading and responding to our fans. Here's the most notable updates from the team you may have missed this week:

We are investigating our Reward Weapon Skin rollout issues. Season 2 still coming soon.

Here's your first teaser on the March achievement drop.

We are actively testing the next round of updates to Competitive Beta.

Kill Trading in Core is being discussed at the studio. Updates should come in the near future.

We are banning any Windows 10 hackers or cheaters within days, and escalating repeat offenders for platform-level action.

We are continuing to work with our partners to get two notable Windows 10 issues resolved as soon as possible. Two known workarounds are posted here.

That’s it from us this week. Join us for our next Coalition Live Stream today (Thursday, February 15th) at 3pm PST on live.gearsofwar.com to hang out, ask questions and even enter a few giveaways!

See you there.

TC, out.