It’s our first What’s Up of the month! There’s a lot to talk about this week, with some new stuff to look forward to but also some recent releases to look back on and address.

Let’s dive in - here’s What’s Up this week!

  • 4XP Escalation and Core Escalation event begin Friday, July 6th!
  • Can you kick it? Trackerball Horde also arrives this Friday, July 6th!
  • Following our ‘this Friday theme’, Competitive 2.8 is getting some updates
  • Based on your feedback, we’re updating how we’re releasing future Gear Packs

Coming Up In Gears of War 4


The next stop of the Gears Pro Circuit is headed to New Orleans beginning next Friday, July 13th – and if that wasn’t exciting enough, our friends at Halo will be in the same venue with their latest HCS event too!

As with every Gears Pro Circuit event, we’re getting in the spirit of the tournament by turning the spotlight onto Escalation. Beginning July 6th and through next week’s Pro Circuit event, 5-round Core Escalation will make its return along with Double XP for all Escalation Playlists – Core Escalation, Competitive Beta 2.8 and Ranked Escalation.

“Double XP is still active for everything though!” we hear you cry. Yes it is, which means you’re getting a whopping 4XP from this event on all Escalation playlists!

Grab a team and get competing – Core Escalation and Escalation Double XP end on Monday, July 16th.


You may have heard there’s some big tournament going on right now where a ball gets kicked around and people chant IT’S COMING HOME a lot.

We’re getting in the spirit of kicking…ahem…balls with our latest Horde Madness event – Trackerball! Like our other Horde Madness events, expect 25 waves of onslaught of our featured enemy (Trackers in this case) with weakened fortifications.

You’ll also get some brand new Boss Loot at Wave 10, 15, 20 and 25 this time out – the Gearsball Weapon Skins! These will be exclusive for a limited time as Boss Loot drops in Horde - given the random nature of the drops, we're talking about how we'll ensure collectors can complete the missing items from their collection near to the end of the event.


Oh and, it’s gonna be close, but we’re hoping to add a little special sauce to this event that will make it extra memorable. Stay tuned tomorrow to see if we got it working in time. It is ridiculous fun. Fingers crossed.


The Competitive Beta 2.8 has been going strong in its first week. We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who’s provided us feedback from this new critical stage for Competitive Beta – Ryan Cleven has been pouring over it and it’s been extremely valuable to us.

Based on the initial response to the 2.8 Beta, we’re making a couple of small tweaks beginning this Friday.

  •          Reduced the slide initiation health regeneration delay by 25%.
  •          Increased the base Escalation Respawn time from 10s to 12s

The Escalation Respawn time increase is based from recent feedback from our Pro Players, who feel early rounds have less depth because of the rapid respawn times. We’re putting this in to put their feedback to the test as a live experiment. As always, send through your feedback!


The road to the Ruby Scion is now live! You’ll find it in your achievement lists as a Challenge – Season 4 Rank Climber.

You may have noticed the Challenge is asking for 6000 Ranked Kills, whereas in last week’s What’s Up we communicated it would also include Social and Co-Op vs Bots.

This was our absolute intention. Unfortunately, the challenge pushed live was an older variant before this planned update – and based on Xbox Policy, we are unable to update the challenge requirements once it goes live.

We apologize for the unintentional change of requirements. We’re exploring options on what we can do to rectify the situation – be it extending the challenge time and Season (if possible) or some other solution. As soon as we have updates, we’ll let you know.

Gear Packs

Speaking of last week’s What’s Up, we apologize about the miscommunication around 400 Credits vs 2000 Credits for the NCOG Pack.

As a reminder, we asked for your preference on credit amounts and 2000 credit packs was the more popular player-chosen option from the 400 vs 2000 Dizzy Pack test we ran a few months ago, and with players having more Credits on average, it felt like the more logical option. However, conversations this week has also indicated that, while 2000 Packs are popular, so are 400 Packs to a degree. Many of you also reached out to ask simply for options so YOU could decide what path to go down with regards to Packs.

So, on a trial basis beginning with our next new Gear Pack release, we’re going to do just that. Our plan right now is to move forward with both a 400 and 2000 Credit Pack option on our new Gear Packs.

As a reminder, 400 and 2000 Credit Packs have always had the same chance to find a character for Credit Spend. What that means is 5x 400 credit Gear Packs have the same chance to find a character as 1x 2000 credit Gear Pack.

This Week in Esports

In a little over a week’s time the Gears Pro Circuit will join the Halo Championship Series for a massive dual-event in New Orleans. With hundreds of players, two main stages, multiple feature stations and two open bracket areas, the event is shaping up to be one for the ages.

Think you have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the best players in the game? Team passes are still available at until the Open Bracket roster lock on Monday, July 9th - so pick yours up today and don’t miss your chance to claim your piece of the $250,000 prize pool.

Museum of Community Glory

Hey Gears, Vectes here, back with our Gears Creator Spotlight and this week’s feature creator is Cherry Quench. You will find on his channel many gameplay videos, primarily focusing on Horde (bonus points from me), but also useful tips and tricks.

Here are a few videos that are worth a watch:

Horde Mania is Great! - Engineer Gameplay

Sniper Class Guide

Scout Class Guide

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