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Here’s What’s Up this week!

  • New Luck of the Draw Versus Event kicks off the St Patrick's celebrations on Friday, March 9th!
  • Earn 'Lucky' Weapon Skins over the next two weeks
  • Our latest Gear Pack, Spectre, arrives Friday, March 9th!
  • The March 2018 Update is out now

Coming Up In Gears of War 4

We’re kicking off the first ever St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Gears of War history beginning this Friday, March 9th! Our celebration features a brand new Versus special event called ‘Luck of the Draw’ alongside a St. Patrick’s themed skin set – Lucky – to collect over 10 days.

luck of the draw

This is Arms Race with heaps of added MAYHEM.

This one round variant switches up the weapon order every single match (shared across both teams) rather than the fixed order of standard Arms Race.

To mix things up even MORE, you’ll need to master both the insta-kill hip fire machine of the Golden Gun and the full Heavy Weapons lineup in your race to the finish (which is also great for you Master At Arms achievement hunters!).

Every match promises a different hectic experience. We hope you have a blast with this one.

lucky weapon skin set

See that sweet green weapon skin Marcus is holding in the image at the top of the page? That and 13 more just like it can be yours over the course of the next 10 days! Here’s how to complete your Lucky Weapon Skin set:

Thursday, March 8th
Want a taste of the event? Join us at 1pm PST today (Thursday, March 8th) in our Gears Weekly Live Stream to see this played out live for the first time! As an added bonus, we’ll be giving all viewers the chance to claim the Lucky Lancer Weapon skin a whole week early by joining us live on live.gearsofwar.com!

Friday March 9th Thursday March 15th
Head to GearsofWar.com beginning this Friday and sign up for the latest Versus Weapon Skin challenge! We’ll be tasking you to head into Luck of the Draw and complete 3 objectives to earn the first 3 in the set.

  • Lucky Snub: Play 5 matches of Luck of the Draw
  • Lucky Hammerburst: Win 10 matches of Luck of the Draw
  • Lucky Longshot: Get 25 kills

Friday March 16th – Wednesday March 21st 10am PT
6 more weapon skins are up for grabs by playing to win next weekend – but this time we’ll be providing two ways to pick up the skins!

For Versus fans, you’ll be able to register on GearsofWar.com for a new set of weekend challenges in Luck of the Draw. These will have much lower objective requirements than the week-long challenge from the previous week. We'll reveal next week's objectives in our next What's Up.

Horde fans – you’ll be able to find any of the 6 weapon skins as 100% Boss Loot drops on Horde Frenzy Normal and Insane. With the Versus challenges on the table, you’ll also be able to head into Luck of the Draw and complete objectives to earn any you have yet to find by completing Horde Frenzy matches.

Free Login Pack: Saturday March 17th
Simply log in on Saturday, March 17th (including the option of GearsofWar.com’s Card Companion) to claim a free pack containing the last 5 Lucky Weapon Skins in celebration of St Patrick's Day!

Spectre Gear Pack

Upgrade detected. Two new looks for the Deadeye are on the way in the Spectre Gear Pack, featuring the Ninja Deadeye and Spectre Deadeye! DeeBees just got even cooler.

For Weapon Skin connoisseurs, don't miss the striking Spectral Weapon Skin set also found in this Gear Pack. Seriously, how good do they look?! Open these Packs beginning Friday, March 9th for 400 Credits each.

International Women's Day

We at The Coalition are proud to have an incredibly diverse team. In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to recognize this badass group of women. Representing nearly every discipline across the studio from Engineering to Production to Art to Esports to Admin to QA and much more, these women have played a critical role in making Gears what it is today!

March 2018 Update

In case you missed it, the March 2018 update is out now for Gears of War 4! This latest update includes 11 new achievements up for grabs, changes to the Core Hammerburst and some small fixes. Full details can be found here.

Museum of Community Glory

We're continuing to collect amazing Cosplay entries from around the community for Museum of Community Glory - and we'll be featuring Cosplayers as next week's MOCG.

This week, we wanted to remind you all about the chance to become a Gears Hero by being featured as our Clip of the Week! Every week, we're looking for the best clips from the community to share with the community on our Gears of War Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Here's the killer Clips we've featured so far:

B3rz3k3r321 proves down does not mean out!

Killer1instict clutches a 1 point KOTH round in style.

Want the chance to have your Clip featured? Tweet @GearsofWar with a link to your clip including #GearsCOTW, or post here in our official forum submission thread!