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Here’s What’s Up this week!

  • Horde Mania – a new variant – arrives on Friday, May 11th

  • New Midnight Omen Skins are up for grabs in Horde Mania until May 22nd

  • Ranked Season 4 arrives on Thursday, May 17th

Coming Up in Gears of War 4

Horde Mania

Our latest Horde event arrives on Friday, May 11th with a brand new variant and two new Midnight Omen Weapon Skins to collect! For the first weekend of its availability, we’ll also be turning on Double XP in this playlist.

Horde Mania is 25 waves of brutal nonstop mayhem. In this new Horde variant, enemies just keep on coming with no setup time between waves – and if that wasn’t tough enough, the Feral Horde wave format is packed full of aggressive enemies. Be fast, be efficient, be deadly.

Every 25 wave session you complete on Normal or Insane will drop either the never-before-released Midnight Omen Markza Mk.1 or Hammerburst! These skins will only be available until May 22nd so grab them while you can. If you're looking to bolster your Horde Skills, the pay-only Horde Expert Pack will be 50% off throughout the weekend!

Ranked Season 4

Get ready - Ranked Season 4 will arrive on May 17th! At this point, Ranks will reset and you’ll be back on the grind to earn your highest placement possible.

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made some design changes to the Ranking System calculations for Season 4. In this next Season, the swings of wins and losses should be less volatile than in Season 3.

It’s important to note that the Ranking System still follows the same rules in our calculations. If you lose to a team that you were highly predicted to beat, you’ll still see a bigger drop (and vice versa). If you beat a team you were highly predicted to beat, you’ll see a minimal change (again, same goes vice versa).

However, with this updated design in place, there won't be such dramatic swings to rankings at the higher levels. As always, we'll be monitoring the system over time and listening to your feedback to assess any future improvements we should make throughout the season.

New Season 4 Reward

While we’ll have the same Weapon Skin Rewards for Season 4, rotated to new playlists, we do have a little something extra for those at the top of the pile in Season 4. Stay tuned for news next Tuesday when we begin Season 4.

Season 3 Rewards

Season 3 Rewards will be rolling out sometime this June. We’ll also share some stats when we launch Season 4 next week on the few who made it to Diamond 5 in all playlists – and what those talented players might be taking home for their efforts!

Thoughts On The Ranking System

Our Ranking System is a highly-complex system with a lot of behind the scenes mechanisms – and we understand that is confusing at times. We’ve updated our Ranking System explanation below with further information to continue to be as transparent as possible when it comes to Ranks. We’ve answered some common Ranking System questions below, but head here for a much more detailed breakdown of how the system works (and, if you've read this before, it's been updated with new information today).

Common Questions About The Ranking System

Why is my percentage moving up so slowly in my GearsofWar.com stats?

There can be up to three factors at play that cause this to happen:

  • Your performance matches your place in the Tier system
  • The Tier above you already has a maxed Percentile, so you need to ‘force’ a player out
  • You are winning against teams you are predicted to have a good chance to win against

At the start of each Season, your Placement Matches help us build a picture of your ranking in combination with your past Season performance. As part of building a compelling Season experience, (e.g. working your way back up to the top) almost all players will find their initial placement lower than where they finished last season. This lower placement also allows us to accurately gauge your skill over time to ensure you still fit within the same expected ranking tier.

However, your overall Skill Rating is not lowered as part of this process. That means that your initial wins at the start of the Season will be much more impactful than those later as you approach the correct Ranked Tier placement based on your skill rating.

Why is my Rank moving around so much in Diamond 1-5?

Our decision to split Diamond into 5 ranks at the beginning of Season 3 was to provide the cream-of-the-crop players with a way to gauge their place among the best of the best. However, since Diamond is still the same size as before, this is a very small band of players with very similar skill ratings.

Please note: players at this tier are expected to win nearly every match so the losses are felt more than the wins. When Diamond only had 1 tiers, there was no visualization of players ranking but with the addition of the 5 tiers players are seeing the swings inside of that category.

Why are some matches very impactful to my percentage through a Tier and some matches not impactful at all?

Prior to every match we make a prediction of whether you’re expected to win or lose. If you are highly predicted to win and win therefore you will gain a minimal amount of Skill Progression.

Being in a squad also increases your expected chances to win if you are facing a squad of individuals or smaller pre-made teams. Additionally, you may have reached your expected place in the Tiers system – and if you are winning as much as you are losing, the system is more likely to believe that your ranking is accurate. Consistently beating opponents without losing is the best way to ‘break out’ of your current level.

Museum of Community Glory

Hey Gears, Vectes here. Our Gears Creator Spotlight continues this week with Avexys. Being an Esports professional player for Rise, Avexys covers many Esports events highlighting cool gameplay, as well as a wide variety of content, including tutorials, pro player tips and tricks, new characters highlights…

Here are a few videos that are worth a watch:

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