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Here’s What’s Up this week!

  • 2v2 event Brothers To The End begins Thursday May 3rd at 3pm PT
  • Earn the last remaining Flaming Weapon Skins in Brothers To The End
  • The Classic Delta Gear Pack is back in the store for this event
  • Competitive 2.7 is now being merged into mainline Competitive
  • XP and Credit based Quit Penalties trial coming in the next 2 weeks

Coming Up in Gears of War 4

Brothers To The End

It’s almost here - Brothers To The End (complete with Double XP) arrives in Gears of War 4 later today until May 14th!

Grab a friend and take on other duos in this 2v2 TDM variant, with less respawns and shorter respawn times compared to regular TDM. Here’s a rundown of the settings we’re using for this first version of BTTE:

Mode: TDM (2v2) with Double XP

Tuning: Core

Rounds To Win: 2

Respawns: 6

Spawning: Near Player (‘Wingman' Spawns)

Maps: Harbor, Lift, Relic, Avalanche, Canals, Checkout, Diner, Harbor Haze, Hotel, Lift Apex, Raven Down, Rustlung, The Slab

Note: Lobbies will be dissolved if there are no players on one team, or 3 matches without a full team of 2 players, due to issues identified during testing.

Flaming Weapon Skin Challenges

Completionists, get ready. The last 3 Flaming Weapon Skins in the collection – the EMBAR, Boltok and Overkill – are up for grabs as part of BTTE! You’ll also get a second shot at picking up the Flaming Lancer as part of the challenges.

Here’s how you’ll collect those sweet Flaming Weapon Skins with your Gears wingman of choice:

We’re In This Together (Flaming Overkill and Boltok)

Complete 10 matches of Brothers To The End or Social TDM

Deadly Duo (Flaming Lancer and EMBAR)

Win 10 matches of Brothers To The End or Social TDM

Why do the challenges count in Social TDM you ask? It’s a quirk of our stat tracking that allowed us to enable these Challenges in time for the event. If you prefer to get them that way, we won’t stop you.

Just like the Griffin challenge, you’ll be able to track your completion progress for these challenges in the Xbox Guide like any other achievement. Once completed, head to gearsofwar.com/en-us/my-rewards (page will be live once the event begins) to instantly claim your skins.

If you are on PC, please be sure to activate the "Connected User Experiences and Telemetry" service on Windows 10 to ensure that your challenge progress is correctly tracking. Click here (paragraph "Achievements Not Unlocking") to read more about the Telemetry service and how to activate it if it has been disabled.

BTTE and it’s associated challenges will be available from Thursday May 3rd at 3pm PT – Monday May 14th at 10am PT.

Upcoming Quit Penalty Trial

Over the past few months, we’ve taken increasing action against Quitters in Gears of War 4. We've doubled initial suspension times from 15 minutes to 30, and we recently introduced ‘shaming’ on the scoreboard that continues to show quitters after they leave to allow for easy reporting.

Our next step is to trial another level of Quit Penalties that will impact a quitter's XP and Credit balance in combination with the existing time penalties. Our hope is that these extra measures - when introduced - will improve the play experience for everybody by punishing quitters with a longer term impact.

We'll talk more about this system as we get closer to the trial period beginning in the next couple of weeks.


In the spirit of Brothers To The End, we’re bringing back the Classic Delta Pack for the duration of the BTTE event. This 400 Credit Gear Pack includes 3 cards and features Classic Gears 1 variants of Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird to collect alongside our 11th Anniversary Celebration Weapon Skins.

Competitive Settings Update

Our latest phase of the Competitive Beta targeted improving the viability of a number of weapons in Escalation strategies through a combination of weapon tuning and changes to the placement availability of certain weapons.

After the Competitive Beta, the feedback we’ve received has made us confident in pushing these changes into mainline Competitive play. As of 3pm PT on Thursday May 3rd, all Competitive Game Modes will now use the 2.7 settings.

For a full run down of the settings, please head here. Additionally, we have made one further change based on feedback – the Longshot is now limited to center line positions in Escalation.

Thank you to all our fans who helped us test Competitive 2.7!

Museum of Community Glory

Our Gears Creator Spotlight continues this week with YouTuber Onyx! Onyx covers a wide variety of content including new skins and characters highlights, game events tips and tricks, general and Esports gameplay… we really liked his guide on how to unlock the recently added “Know Your Role” achievement. Check out his video below:

You can also follow Onyx on Twitter and Twitch.

Are you a Gears Video Creator in the community? Tweet a link to your channel to @CoalitionGears with #GearsMOCG for a chance to be featured next week! Everyone featured will receive the TCA Commendation Lancer.