Welcome to another What’s Up Gears fans! Every Thursday, we’re here to bring you the latest and greatest news, community content and more from the Gearsiverse.

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears:

  • Boxes and 2v2 Gnashers Execution arrives in Private Play this week!
  • OSOK is back with a new challenge next Tuesday
  • 4XP TDM lasts throughout the weekend
  • Earn Midnight Omen Weapon Skins in Juvie Madness

Coming Up In Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 - Boxes Trailer

Grab a friend. Challenge some rivals. Prove who’s better. The iconic 2v2 arena Boxes will be turned on in Private Play THIS WEEK along with the official 2v2 Gnashers Only Execution mode.

Boxes Private Play, just like Public, will be open to everyone who owns Gears 4. So why only Private? We’re still preparing our final plans for how Boxes will feature in Public Play, but in the meantime, we wanted to give all of you the chance to get battling in the arena as soon as possible.

If you’re headed to San Diego to compete in the $10,000 prize pool 2v2 tournament, get practicing. Stay tuned to Gears of War on Facebook, Twitter or our Official Club to find out exactly when Boxes is live in game.


Classic One Shot One Kill. No melee. No EMBARS. Just Longshots. Isn’t that just a great sentence to read?

Your favorite Snipers only mode is making a comeback beginning next week on Tuesday, September 18th for just under 2 weeks! There’s some extra spice added to this one though – headshots are the name of the game if you want to walk away with the Heartbeat Longshot. Double body shots won’t get you anywhere.

OSOK: Lovin. That. POP! Challenge
Featured: Sept 18 – 30
Challenge: Get 50 headshots in Classic OSOK between 09/18 – 10/01 at 10am PDT
Reward: Heartbeat Longshot


That’s not all though! Our Featured Playlists continue throughout the weekend with TDM, culminating in an extra long session of 4XP Escalation beginning on Tuesday!

Don’t forget, you’ll have brand new challenges to take on and earn additional Heartbeat Weapon Skins (Plus a second chance at some Flaming Weapon Skins) with both of our remaining 4XP events.

Featured: Now – Sept 18
Challenge: Finish 15 matches of Public TDM and get 75 kills between 09/11 – 09/18 at 10am PDT
Reward: Heartbeat Retro Lancer, Flaming Retro Lancer

4XP Escalation
Featured: Sept 18 – Sept 30
Challenge: Win 70 rounds of Public Escalation between 09/18 – 10/01 at 10am PDT
Reward: Heartbeat Snub, Flaming Snub

Once completed, don’t forget to head to GearsofWar.com/My-Rewards to claim.

midnight omen horde

Quick reminder Horde fans – not only is Juvie Madness back as a playlist, we’ve added the Lancer, Gnasher and Boltok skins in there as Boss Loot! Get them while you can.

Rest assured, we’re still hard at work cooking up some new Horde variants for you to tackle.

Museum of Community Glory

Greetings Gears, Vectes here, back from vacation after spending a few days on an island. Batteries are recharged.

Gears Pro Circuit San Diego Open will soon be upon us, so we thought what better way to get ourselves ready for this event than featuring a great Pro player?

Please meet Xclu5ive, professional player for Simplicity. Xclu5ive has been playing Gears since the 1st game and streams every day on Twitch. He usually plays a lot of MLG GameBattles matches or pick up Scrims. If you're trying to get in the pickup Scrims, please make sure you have a mic and send him a message on Xbox Live. His Gamertag is eLv Xclu5ive.

Be sure to check out some great gameplay videos on his Twitch channel and give him a follow! You can also keep in touch with him on Twitter.

Are you a Gears Video Creator in the community? Tweet a link to your channel to @CoalitionGears with #WhatsUpGears for a chance to be featured in What’s Up next week! Everyone featured will receive the TCA Commendation Lancer.

Come In, Control

Another Thursday also means we have yet another Gears Weekly Live Stream from right here at The Coalition! Join us at 3PM PT/ 6PM ET to claim the Corp Gnasher skin, play with us and get your questions answered. Check it out here: https://live.gearsofwar.com

We might also have a little surprise in store. See you there.

TC, out.