October 6, 2016

Dev Blog #8.  We deep dive into specs and performance for Gears of War 4 on Windows 10.  FInd out more about:

  • Minimum, recommended, and ideal specs
  • Benchmark mode
  • Settings
  • Performance Comparisons
SEPTEMBER 22, 2016

Dev Blog #7.  We reveal the Achievements and more. Read to find out about:

  • Gears 4 Achievement List
  • Launch Gear Packs
SEPTEMBER 13, 2016

Dev Blog #6. We talk about the return of Horde (3.0). Read to find out:

  • Classes & Skills
  • Fortifications
  • Horde Progression
  • Seriously 4.0
AUGUST 19, 2016

Dev Blog #5. We talk about your Gears of War 4 Legacy. Read to find out:

  • About the new look of Re-Ups
  • The number of Levels and Re-Ups
  • Improvements and format of the Ranking System
  • The latest incarnation of Seriously
AUGUST 16, 2016

Dev Blog #4. We talk about the animation of Gears of War 4. Read to find out:

  • The process of animating characters and creatures
  • The Swarm's 'race' execution
  • The reveal of new animations
  • About the new Pre-Order Bonuses
JULY 29, 2016

Dev Blog #3. We discuss the process behind designing Multiplayer Maps. Read to find out:

  • How the map 'Forge' was made
  • All about the first wave of Gears 4 Cosplay Guides
  • Gears of War 4 at Comic-Con
  • Our NerdHQ Panel with Rod and the Cast of Gears 4
JULY 21, 2016

Dev Blog #2. We go in depth on the improvements to Gears 4 Versus since the Beta. Read to find out:

  • About seperate tuning for Core and Competitive 
  • Gameplay improvements based on fan feedback 
  • The improvements to the visual fidelity of Gears 4 MP 
  • The introduction of Secondary Weapons
july 15, 2016

Dev Blog #1. In the first ever Coalition Developer Blog, we reveal details on the Gear Pack and Card system in Gears of War 4. Read to find out:

  • The types of unlocks that come from Cards
  • How you earn unlocks in Gears of War 4
  • How we're giving you the control to get the Cards you want
  • Information on Physical Gear Packs