Introducing Esports Supporter Pack 9 - New Orleans Edition


Celebrate the upcoming Gears Pro Circuit New Orleans Open with the Gears Esports Supporter 9 - New Orleans Edition Supporter Pack! In addition to the Black Steel characters and Primordial weapon skin set released in Esports Supporter 9, the brand new New Orleans Edition features a bonus card guaranteed to be an event-specific Lancer, Gnasher or Snub! Based on the fan-feedback-inspired Mega Packs, we've made it easier to complete your Black Steel collection by lowering the number of characters per pack, and making each pack guarantee one of these characters. This is a new Supporter Pack design introduced for Season 2, and will not apply to Supporter Packs 1-5.

Every Gears Esports Supporter 9 - New Orleans Edition pack that you purchase for $9.99 USD goes to support the Gears Esports program, including events and prize pools! These packs feature content that cannot be crafted in game, and are only available from time to time during specific Esports-related activities and events.

Each pack contains the following card slots:

  1.        Gears Esports Black Steel Character (full list below)
  2.        Gears Esports Black Steel Character or Gears Esports Primordial Weapon Skin (full list below)
  3.        Gears Esports Black Steel Character or Gears Esports Primordial Weapon Skin (full list below)
  4.        Gears Esports Emblem or Customization item from the Gears of War 4 Card Pool (Character, Weapon Skin)
  5.        Gears Esports Supporter 9 Emblem or New Orleans Emblem
  6.        Gears Esports New Orleans Edition Weapon Skin (full list below)

Gears Esports Black Steel,  Primordial, and New Orleans event items are unique to the Gears Esports Supporter Packs! To purchase this pack, visit the in-game Gears of War 4 store (Esports tab) or this website during special Gears Esports activities such as weekly Wednesday broadcasts or Gears Fight Nights LAN events.

Thank you to all of our fans, players and teams, who continue to support Gears Esports and help grow the scene for Gears of War.

Full list of possible Gears Esports items within Gears Esports Supporter Pack:

Black Steel Classic Baird (Legendary)
Black Steel Classic Dom (Epic)
Black Steel Classic Cole (Epic)

Primordial Gnasher (Epic)
Primordial Lancer (Epic)
Primordial Snub (Epic)
Primordial Hammerburst (Epic)
Primordial Enforcer (Epic)

Primordial Boomshot (Rare)
Primordial Longshot (Rare)
Primordial Boltok (Rare)
Primordial Dropshot (Rare)
Primordial EMBAR (Rare)
Primordial Markza Mk. 1 (Rare)
Primordial Overkill (Rare)
Primordial Retro Lancer (Rare)
Primordial Torque Bow (Rare)

Primordial Emblem (Common)

New Orleans Gnasher (Epic)
New Orleans Lancer (Epic)
New Orleans Snub (Epic)

New Orleans Emblem (Common)

Thank you for supporting Gears Esports, and don't miss the Gears Pro Circuit New Orleans Open, taking place alongside Halo on July 13th-15th!