Event Recap

No love was lost over the weekend as teams from all over the world made their way to the City of Lights to battle it out over a $100,000 prize pool at the Gears Pro Circuit Paris Open. 

Although the tournament ended in a relatively expected fashion, with top seeded OpTic Gaming taking home their fifth championship of the season, the events leading up to the event's finale did not unfold quite as expected. Here are a few of those stories:

  •   Enigma 6 entered the event with an entirely different roster than the one in Atlantic City, with Soto, Xcells, and Hesah coming in to replace a departed Phenomxnon and Wildebeast, along with a retired Affinity. The new roster did not disappoint, as E6 took home 3rd overall, their highest placing thus far on the Circuit.
  •   Ghost Gaming and Echo Fox, two of hottest teams in the game going into Paris, faltered, falling from 3rd to 5th and 4th to 7th, respectfully.
  •   Fire-N-Ice finished in the money for their second straight tournament, once more making their way into the tournament’s final phases after emerging from the Open Bracket.

The biggest story of the tournament, however, came in the way of Splyce, who made their way to Championship Sunday for the first time of the season. More impressive, however, is that they did so by making their way through a gauntlet of some of the top teams in the game, including the fourth, third, and second place teams from the Atlantic City, an Enigma 6 squad coming in hot off the heels of a convincing victory over eUnited, and; Team EnVyUs, grand finalist of three of five events, and the only team outside of OpTic to win an event. Although they would ultimately lose to OpTic Gaming in the Grand Finals, Splyce’s run was an historic one, with the Latin American squad achieving the highest placing for a non-American team in the history of competitive Gears of War.

With that, the stage is set for the Gears Pro Circuit’s final event of its inaugural season: the $250,000 Gears Pro Circuit Las Vegas Open, set to take place in the USA’s own City of Lights June 2nd to June 4th.

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