Community & Communications Update: October 17th

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Welcome to the asylum 👍
UK hoarder.  
\./ Members of the old guard horde xbox club \./
Welcome and GOOD luck with the GOW community! 
TC fix the game on PC, it has been freezing for MONTHS now!
They need to add in black steel Gary Carmine!
Servers not working properly,been trying for an hour to get a game..same ol..same ol...yawn yawn yawn
I new in the forums , is amazing
Can u sort your servers out!?cant even get a game,always the same after an update,tc never learn...
You've hired a new manager, then Plz think about asian players including Korea, Japan etc....  
Since we can't choose region of sever, we've got faced to paly the similar players all the time which makes us go crazy.  
Because, we've got very small number of Gears players in Asia so that we do want to play all around players from anywhere if you allow us choose server region just like before.  
They are slowly leaving the gears of war due to small pool of gears players. Plz, make us back to past server system.  
We do love playing gears 4. 
Besides we do not want to leave gears 4 multy playing.
In this update , system ranks need fix
That's good news. I hope everything works out after all.
The new update is not playable...... 
Its so terrible awwwww 
All the best, sure you'll smash it ...!!!
Been away from GOW4 for several months. Glad to see that the updates have improved the game. 
Unfortunately finding a ranked match is still an issue, playing from South Africa. Almost seems impossible. 
Thank goodness for social quickplay. Looking forward to putting in many hours again.

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