Gears of War: UE Goes Gold, Digital Pre-Download Now Available! Plus NEW VIDEOS!

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Attention Gears fans, The Coalition is proud to announce that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has officially gone gold! And to celebrate, the studio has shared a behind-the-scenes look the development of the game, digital pre-order and pre-download details, as well as the fully recreated opening cinematic to help fans get ready for the game’s release on Aug. 25.


Pre-order and Pre-Download Starting Today!



Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is now available for pre-order and pre-download. Fans who can’t wait to jump into the action on Aug. 25 can visit the Xbox Store to pre-order and pre-download the Standard and Deluxe Editions of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, so that it’s ready to go when the game releases. Those who pre-order will also receive exclusive bonus skins and characters including:

  • Standard Edition ($39.99 USD) – The landmark original Gears of War returns, offering a full digital game download, plus pre-order bonus items including the Adam Fenix and Civilian Anya multiplayer skins and Animated Imulsion Weapon Skin for use in multiplayer matches.
  • Deluxe Edition ($59.99 USD) – The ultimate Gears experience. On top of the Standard Edition items, the Deluxe Edition also includes the Deluxe Weapon Skin Pack featuring 10 different Animated Weapon Skins and 36 standard Weapon Skins, as well as the Civilian Marcus Fenix and Aaron Griffin multiplayer characters.


New Opening Cinematic Video


Catch a preview of what’s to come in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition by watching the opening cinematic, debuted by The Coalition today. In the video, Emergence Day sets in motion a brutal war that would both shatter humanity and forge a valiant band of heroes. Revisit the explosive events that led to the beginning of Gears of War in this opening cinematic.


Special Behind-the-Scenes Look at Gears


Each week starting today through launch, will feature a series of new videos on “Remastering Gears of War” with behind-the-scenes footage leading up to the game’s release. Check out this week’s installment where fans can get an insider look at how the original Gears was ushered into the modern age – painstakingly remastered in 1080p, modernized for Xbox One with 60 frames-per-second competitive multiplayer, and loaded with new content including five campaign chapters never released on Xbox.


Click here to watch "Remastering Gears of War: Re-Geared for a New Generation" on on the Gears of War YouTube Channel!


For more details on Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, make sure to check out and tune into the latest Rodcast, or visit Xbox Wire.







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A Deluxe Edition is awesome! Thank you Coalition for allowing Pre-Download early!

So pumped just preordered




*Pre-orders instantly*

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Seriously 1, 2.0, 3.0 & 4.0

I am all over this! I've been checking for a pre download. So excited to get back into gaming!

Shoot, I already preordered before a DELUXE EDITION was announced. ://////


I am guessing you can only pre download this game if you purchase a digital copy from Microsoft?

DELUXE! Buying it!

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so I gotta pay an extra 20 dollars to play the character I really wanted to play :C why yall do this to me :C

Since E-Day

GOW 3 is my favorite but it's the deluxe edition for me just because its gears

Gears: UE gone gold whoooo! :D

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Yes can't Wait,Delux edition....Done

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Is the deluxe edition digital only?


If we get the physical version will there be a deluxe edition upgrade?

Shut up and take my $59.99

I'm buying the deluxe version.

oh yeah! cant wait! Deluxe preordered!

Da Rules: Why U no Read them

Gotta go Deluxe on this one. Digital download here I come!

Thank you

If I pre purchase the Deluxe edition - will I also receive the multiplayer pre order characters from the standard edition too?

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Is the deluxe edition digital only? 
If we get the physical version will there be a deluxe edition upgrade?

Great question


Will there be a physical deluxe version?

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