Join the Gears Feedback Program - Help Us Make The Best Game Possible!

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The Gears Feedback Program is an opt-in program that provides fans the opportunity to provide their feedback directly to The Coalition. The goal of the program is to get better insights from our players, and factor the feedback we receive into the development of our games. 
By signing up, you’ll occasionally receive emails asking about your gaming habits and your unique perspective on Gears of War. In most cases, it’ll be a short survey, but we may ask you to take part in Skype interviews or live playtests. Every request you receive is optional - if you don't want to answer a particular survey or feedback request, that's totally fine! 
You can find out more about the program and opt in here:  
Note: As always, your feedback right here on the forums will continue to be read and factored into the development - this is another way to provide your feedback that involves more detail and specific questions from the development team, rather than more open general discussions with other fans. Both forms of feedback are incredibly valuable to us, and we encourage you to continue providing feedback on our forums as well as the GFP.
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Glad there's a way for average Gears to help out :)
Did I finally grab your attention, TC? Good, now fix your damn game.
signed up 
hype over hype over hype....
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Pretty cool stuff here, signed up and ready to go! :)
Great way to get the community involved! I'm in!
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Will check out 
Edit: I signed up
Thanks for doing this.
Signed up
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Registered! Awesome! Thanks for setting up these kind of programs!
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If you have any concerns, feel free to send me a private message!
I got a 36-page document you guys can read... #Kappa
[QUOTE=FADEDSARGENT;52239]I really like the team execution. I can imagine... 5 Anya's just team twerking me.[/QUOTE]
This is a great idea :) very nice guys
Awesome program! Can't wait for the first survey!
Done, I'm ready and signed up. 
Homage to Delta Squad trailer:  
Bloodmoon Gameplay:  
Raging Buccaneer Easter Egg:
You better believe I've signed up! Thank you for the opportunity
This is pretty cool. I signed up! 
I will be sure to add a lot of detail to my surveys, so I will probably spend an hour on each one.... (Ok maybe 15 min at most)
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Signed up! Looking forward to filling in lots of surveys and trust me, I'll spend long enough on each one :)
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Sorry guys wrong thread please feel free to remove my post, I though I was in the creator thread (Twitter link follow) 
I've signed up, made my first video last week ready for when the beta hits to start pumping out content :) 
had a bad week in my personal life (sadly a member passed away) so will be starting pumping videos out again beginning the back end of this week and I aim to do at least 2 videos a week 
here is my first gears video, the intro will be chopped down and I have some great ideas (so I think) for my future videos  
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Sometimes I make the odd video like this one
Signed up. Glad to see The Coalition taking feedback from avid Gears fans.
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Me is signed up. :D

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