Cleaning Up the Menu

Dear Coalition, 
I have a suggestion for Gears 4. 
Why is it not possible at the characters-, weaponskins- and emblem menue to destroy everything i want? It would be so great if this would be possible because of all this duplicates that cant be destroyed for example the season reward skins which most players have two to three times... 
I know that there must be at every category at least one card. This could be realized if at the character menue only "Armored JD" and "Swarm Drone" are locked out. At emblems it should only be the emblem with the "big 4" and at the weaponskins just for every weapon the classic ones without any skin... 
This would clean up the menue masiv. 
What are you thinking about this? 
Best regards 
This post may be better suited for the Gears 4 Forum rather than Support Forum. Interesting ideas though :)
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