[Locked] Connecting... Issue | Resolved 8/29 - Read For Fix

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The Connecting Issue impacting some players in Gears of War 4 has now been resolved in an Xbox One System Update, available now. 
Please follow the steps below to resolve this issue on Gears of War 4. 
  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  2. Select Settings > All settings.
  3. Select System > Updates.
  4. Select Console update available.
You must update your Xbox One console to the latest update as of August 29th for this issue to be fixed. This is not a game specific update. If you are not seeing an available update, please check if your console is enabled to auto update as you may have downloaded the update already. 
Note: This issue does not pertain to BIGELOWE, which is a complex error code that we are still currently investigating. We hope to provide updates in the near future. Thanks for your patience.
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Gamertag:TheFlowZone , Country:México, Plataform :Xbox One, Error : Connecting, Time:one month
gamer tag : THETORRES5 
region: East US
Gamer Tag - Sauce is Life. I had this issue for a long time now. It takes for ever to connect to the game when I get on or back out of a lobby it starts connecting. I live in North Dakota btw
Bello i have the problem, my gamertag is: soxphonix
Happened to me last night. Came out of it after I restarted the game. Although something has been off. Connection errors. Games starting weirdly. Weird lag.
Having this issue as well, but most of all a lot of lag during game play. 
Region: West US
Gt: TF iCurious my zone is latinoamerica im from mexico, and I have more than 1 month with the provlema of connecting
Yeah the game locks and the screen freezes
Hello I have this problem, my gamertag is EL GALLETAS983 im from México
I have this problem from a month ago! 
Gamertag: King iDrxgz 
Region: West US
I have the problem more than a month ago 
Gamertag: AW J Riciery M 
Gamertag: IIGipsyDangerII 
I'm from Mexico. I've had this problem for almost a month. It takes too much time to connect. 
Thank you!
Gamertag blessnostress. Canada Ontario.  
Started happening once my ip provider switched over to ipv6 I believed this is an issue the community has already. When I load using only ipv4 I do not get the issue.  
Loading takes sometimes up to 5 minutes. Sometimes cannot load in back to back games I need to exit back to lobby.  
Also been kicked from matches this has never happen prior to the connecting error. 
Would love for a fix soon.
Onix musitty
Happens all the time since I'm in the UK. It's sometimes makes finding games in ranked even harder than it usually is.
En momentos me saca de las partidas y solo se queda en conectando  
Ayuda y Gracias  
Mi GT: Lexusz Rz
Gamertag: JoshPia09 
Región: México 
Llevo con este problema más de 1 mes, y en ocasiones me saca de algunas partidas.
I have problems with the connection it takes up to more than half an hour to connect when I connect and everything, because when I play social matches or even the game is locked, and sends me to start again and it has happened to me several times and then I have to put The game again and wait another half hour to reconnect the worst of the case is that I do not let me return to the game that I get sacked and suspended 
GT: humbertocr8822 
Country: Mexico

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