Legacy emblem still not rewarded.

I recently got back into Gears and saw a note about legacy emblem rewarded to players who played Gears before x date on XBL, I did. 
But no emblem. 
Who do I contact and is it enough to just make a post here?
Never got mine either but I imagine they can't/won't do anything at this point. 
Think the exact requirements were either being an Xbox Live Gold subscriber and playing any Gears game before in the past or just being a Silver member who had logged into Xbox Live within the preceding year before launch. 
I definitely completed the latter requirement, as I played GOW:UE for Windows 10 the entire year up until Gears 4 released lol. Which required logging into XBL. But whatever. Just an emblem.
I can't say you're wrong, it is just an emblem and to be fair I moved back to Gears 3 for MP yesterday so I won't use it anyway, it just feels(and feelings are redundant, I know) cool to have something that shows off .. meh, once I typed shows off I feel like it's like boasting but it's really not about that, it's just cool to have something that shows off my participation in the gears franchise over the years. 
It's a little like the Steam profile age being shown, so people can see I joined 14 years ago. 
It's also a way to say "no, I did not start the game yesterday, thank you", right now I am stuck with the Gears 4 emblem and that just SCREAMS new player.:P 
You're right, though, it is just an emblem, but I should've had it since I fulfilled those requirements but I'll put it aside now. 
Thanks for answering.

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