[Locked] Missing a Reward Weapon Skin? Post here.

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Hi all - 
We’ve received reports of missing Reward Weapon Skins from past special event challenges. 
To earn your weapon skins, you must have registered and completed the challenges shown depending on the skin. 
We are investigating the reports of missing weapon skins to discern if something has gone wrong and award any missing skins accordingly. 
Due to the Holiday Period, support will be delayed during this time. We will provide updates as we have them. 
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Snup flame
I am missing my flaming snub and I did complete it because I tallied it on paper and I have received ever other flaming camo.
Missing my flaming snub, hammerburst and retro lancer. I registered, manually kept track of my kills and wins. Completed the objectives.
Flaming snub, and thanksgibbing boomshot
Thank you for posting this because I do believe I am missing just one. I can’t remember the exact skin but I know I earned at least two. I got my Flaming Retro Lancer and I’m sure the other skin was for an event at the same time I earned that one. Again thank you posting this because it has been bugging me waiting for my second skin!
Hey Coalition, 
I got all of my other skins I've earned but I haven't got my Flaming Snub yet. I was wondering if you can send me the skin when you guys can or after the holidays. I don't want to rush you guys but I would be glad if I can get it as soon as possible. 
Yours truly, 
xCeeohology K.
Hello i missing de skin of gnasher flames
Missing the flame shotgun
Hello TC I post to say that I miss 2 incendiary skins that were the Gnasher and the Snub because if I complete all the challenges I signed there and everything but when I saw I did not have those 2 weapons, so I wanted to know how to get it those 2 weapons that I need 
My Gamertag is: TwO iLuNaTiKz
Hi, me and my friend did not get the flaming snub pistol (my gt is Zefirex and my firend is Sufferex)
Also thanksgibbing boomshot
Flaming snub, and thanksgibbing boomshot 
Also missing the Nuclear Gnasher but this is not the right section i guess, still wanna give it a try for this awesome skin 
Merry Xmas to yall

This post has been hidden.

the weapon that I need is the flaming short cannon pistol I emphasize that if I register and fulfill the required games
Flaming Snub 
Thanksgibbing Boomshot
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I complete the flaming snub and troquebow quest and I don't have them, I hope you could fix it because i really like those skins :)
Skins smeralda Dropshot, gnasher and lancer
I have received all my reward skins except for the flaming snub. 
GT jason24cf
Hi I'm missing the emarld phantom retro lancer from a while back. When the challenge as posted my connection dropped and by the time i got it back up, both the stream and the challenge were over and I couldn't claim the skin. My gamertag is Jesus Seeks. Thank you.
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