April 26 - Community Stream with Rod Fergusson - Submit your Questions

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Hi all, 
This is a show you do not want to miss -- we will have the pleasure to have the one and only Rod Fergusson joining us on stream on Thursday! 
With the recent release of the Rise of RAAM comic books and the announcement of the graphic novel coming out in June, we thought this was the right time to host an episode focused on the lore of Gears of War. 
Do you have any questions for Rod? Of course you do! Please submit your lore questions below for a chance to have them answered live during the show. 
We will also be giving away another weapon skin from the District set and perhaps some additional extra loot ;) See you online on Thursday at 3pm PT/6pm ET/12am GMT! 
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Sweet... Can't wait... Looking forward to this stream..
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So #1 - I still today, and since Gears 1, have ALWAYS thought that Queen Myrrah is the mother of Marcus, and yes, I have read every book that Karen Traviss has written. Gears 4 story even leads more credence to my theory with the "rebirth" understory going on. And another question I guess, why didn't Karen write the story for Gears 2? It was a good game, but had the weaker story.
Is there any chance in the future to get blue COG DB's, or to get any campaign DLC???
#1 will all original locust be back in gears 5 campaign? Plz bring back original locust in campaign. Keep all new enemies and swarm but plz bring back locust to its original form. The game aint the same without them and swarm aint doing it. Ive been a gears fan since gears1. Halo has all original enemies with new ones. Gears aint gears with out locusts. Plz bring them back plz plz plz. Keep dbs and swarm and anything but brimg the locust back plz ... Gears 4 dnt feel like a gears game anymore . plz brimg em back plz to campaign
Now then... 
- Please tell me you have plans for a new series of novels bridging the 25 year gap between gears 3 and 4. 
- new comics covering the events at settlement 2, the locust burials or possibly Anyas death?  
- when is the exact date of judgements campaign as there is NO canonical way it takes place 2-6 weeks after Eday based on information in the novels/comics. 
- speaking of, what is the deal with Jace. His comic arc, RAAMS Shadow arc, and parts during the Slab novel arc literally all contradict each other in very glaring and obvious ways. 
- What was on the data disc ADAM FENIX gave to BAIRD at the end of Gears 3 
- where is dizzy, and any shot of his daughters being added to the new cast of gears? They were trained by Sam Byrne to shoot you know... 
- for the love of Nassar Embrys B***s give us D. CARMINE. He exists. You confirmed that in gears 2. It follows an alphabetical pattern. Give him to us in a comic like will if you have too (awesome job with Rise of RAAM btw) 
- any news about Hoffman? Please do not kill him in a ***** way. He deserves so much better than he ever got. 
- lastly for now: can you please, Rod Ferguson please directly tell the camera 
I cannot believe people actually think that and I need you to come on record saying that so I can dismiss that kind of cliche crap thinking right now.
Hey Rod, Long time reader of the Karen Traviss books And loved that with Gears 4, you as canonically correct as Could be reasonably expected. But I am wondering what in the future in terms of books, I saw a tweet a few months back saying y’all had some book proposals in the works. Can you go into any detail?
Hi, my question would be. Add the onyx guard?
Will be here for sure, can't wait to see what will be the questions and answers, love to know more about Gears in general!
Is Gary Claytons son? It seems like it with all the subtle hints but a confirmation would be nice. Also any plans to bring Clay back in the future.?
Will Chairman Prescott be coming in the game soon?
I have some questions for Mr. Fergusson. Greetings from Costa Rica 
In this E3 there will be news of a Gears of War 5? 
Jace Stratton will be in the multiplayer of Gears 4? 
Will there be a campaign DLC for Gears 4? (something like Settlement 2 or a campaign about Outsiders from some other village?) 
How did Anya Stroud die?
Most of my questions have been asked, but I'll ask them again just in case. 
Will we get more novels? 
What was on the disk Adam Fenix gave to Baird at the end of Gears 3? 
How'd Anya die? 
What's the "S" stand for in Baird's name?
Any news on a fix for the PC version of this game?
Where are the Gorgon Pistol and Mortar?
Why is most of the content in this game limited time? And why can't you do gears 3 progression? You do a challenge you get a reward. (Not limited time challenge like Griffin)
I have several questions/suggestions: 
Will you remove loot crates and return performance based rewards permanently as the crates have been a flop? (Or give the option to earn character or buy in advance) 
Will the next season pass have some value in the next game such as : EXCLUSIVE MAPS OR EXP BOOST potentially a slight permanent boost on weekends? 
Can you integrate MLG rosters into the actual game kind of like a mode: Core, Competitive, MLG? 
Understandably no game is perfect upon release: 
Will you please extend the beta for gears 5 to prevent weapons tuning updates and set the same tuning for all game modes? 
(Meaning core, comp and mlg weapons produce the same damage and the modes are just for the players: core- casual gamer, comp- more serious and mlg-aspiring pros). 
My hope is that the mlg realm of gamers get some more love and gears gets the attention it deserves in pro gaming realms. 
Thank you for your consideration of the Items above. 
A 10 year vet
How is Reyna Diaz human? 
Who was Reyna's father, or Kait's grandfather? 
Can Locust give birth to human babies? 
Why haven't we seen Locust children or babies, do they not exist? 
What do Berserkers give birth to? 
Did Adam Fenix's wife or Marcus' mother have any involvement with the Locust? 
Did Reyna die at the end of Gears of War 4, what happened after Kait cut the things off? 
What happened at the early relationship between Myrrah and Reyna, did Reyna get taken away from her? 
What happened at Settlement 2? 
Where do Snatchers, Carriers, Pouncers come from, were they coccoon'ed? 
Will Kait join the new COG? 
Why was Uzil Sraak twice the size of Vold RAAM? 
What's the relationship between the Locust Grub sizes? 
Are Scions all the old Locust Grubs or Boomers? 
Where are Swarm Berserkers? 
Why weren't Sawed Off in Gears of War 4, and the Gorgon Pistol?
Annoying this is on Thursdays, work on Friday makes me always miss these. :( 
Have a good stream.
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will gears 5 be on pc as well? and is there a specifc day where you can release all packs in the store.I'm kind of new and looking forward to seeing more returning packs in store and is there a chance that you guys can extend them for at least a week?
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