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1. Stuck on press a screen. After quitting and retrying 3 attempts, it finally let me on. Oh and now it takes like 1 minute to get into the main menu. Seriously what is this *****? 
2. I pick customisation, its says that it was unable to retrieve my customisation. 
3. I go to the store and browse through all items with a ! and the game crashes. 
WTF? Can you people get anything right? This game has been a mess.
Try a hard reset and changing your diaper.
A friend of mine has this very same issue.
Same issue here :/ Hoping they fix it fast
Solo Horde or Bust.  
Never expect to get any further than placing the fabricator in pubs. Even that is a struggle sometimes.  
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If you look at your progress, it is not pulling it up yet. Player data isn't syncing right now.
Try a hard reset and changing your diaper.
I'm also having the same problem as the original poster -so looking for a fresh pair of pampers
I'm dealing with this as well. at first it couldn't retrieve any of my customization, then I got into my inventory and crashed, then went browsing for packs and crashed. Not a great start.
"I do not like this" and "This is broken" are NOT the same thing.
Same problem here, if you try to open the "New Maps" it crashes.
Try a hard reset and changing your diaper.
Already did it. And good one internet bad boy.
Cant see the free packs. Not in my unopened packs anyway 
Hope not lost them
Everyone please give it time.. "Users can expect service disruptions in Gears of War 4 this morning as we deploy the new Title Update." 
Closing multiple threads popping up of same topic. Let's keep the discussion HERE
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