[Locked] [CONTEST] What Locust character do you want to see in Gears of War 4?

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Hi all! 
In case you missed it, this morning we announced that the Locust will be coming to Gears of War 4 as playable character skins for multiplayer! 
And with that, we are going to run a contest over the next week and a half!  
Let us know (by replying in this thread) with what Locust character you would love to see in Gears of War 4 for a chance to win some awesome prizes.  
What are the prizes? Well... the picture below explains it! We will also be posting this contest on Twitter so prizes/winners will be evenly split among the forums and Twitter. Feel free to enter via both options! We do ask that users must be registered on the forums as of January 2017 to be eligible for prizes. We will be choosing winners from this thread at random and the contest will end at 11:59pm Pacific Time February 17th. Winners will be noted in the thread and PM'd the following week. 
Prizes up for grabs 
GeForce GTX 1080 
San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Marcus Fenix Funko Pop! 
Fenix Omen T-Shirts 
Gears of War 4 Undefeated Collection T-Shirts 
Gears of War 4 Undefeated Collection Hats 
Gears of War 4 Elite Controller Component Kit 
One that separates the different countries from playing together. One that allows the game to search for your own country first, then the best ping. 
or just Theron Guard :)
the ***** cyclops
Pinkie Pie & Derpy = Best Ponies  
You want legacy characters? Play the legacy games........  
Thank you naptimex for phoenix omen lancer
Show him the love and respect he never received. No voiceover needed either. 
Edit: Prize addition suggestions 
1) Epic Horde Skill that won't drop in RNG 
2) Legendary character skin of our choosing
I think I'd like to see Myrrah, just because of the value that she has held throughout the gears franchise and because it'd be cool too see her re imagined,  
also I think if the Thrashball drone was brought back that would be a good step too,  
Maybe General RAAM because he was a big part in when Gears was first released??
Zombie Skorge! (but with his original dialogue instead of Brains)
The Bolter
Personally I'd like to see skorge back I don't think he gets enough love and karn don't think he's been playable before has he
Savage Grenadier
Grenadier - Been my favourite Locust to use since the Original - Bare Chested Gnasher wielding Monster
Legacy Characters for Gears of War 4  
Seriously 4.0 Unlocked: 30/03/2017  
Anthony Carmine's Gears of War 1 lines for Gears 4  
Looking for players to do the update achievements with me PM if interested
RAAM or Skorge
Anybody honestly :(
Savage Grenadier Elite>
Queen Myrrah and Savage Grenadier Elite!
Gimme that kantus!
Locust/Swarm fanboy and proud!  
Try to encourage new players, we were all new at one point.  
Please try to encourage less toxicity in the community, we all love gears.  
Blind praise and blind hate are equally useless.
Or if she somehow doesn't count as Locust, the Savage Kantus is cool, but otherwise Myrrah!
~THAT'S A LOTTA BLOOD - Marco Beanix~  
~RIP Hammerburst :(~  
~Would prefer no cards/packs in Gears 5~  
~Played Valera for that b o o t y yepppp~  
~Diamond in Guardian 4/7/2018~
Skorge Please :)
Savage Hunter
Simply Irresistible
Locust character. 
General raam (must have raam is my boy) 
Karn (would love to see) 
Skorge ( since everyone wants him) 
Theron elite (badass) 
Palace guard (def want to see this one) 
I wont say savage characters cause i think ppl want the original locust like when they were big ass army 
(Before the flood)
Grenadier i mean who needs armour right?! Bare chested Gnasher push ftw?
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