[Locked] Gear In The Machine - We Want Your Questions!

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Early next week, we'll be filming our next series of Gear In The Machine Episodes! 
We want to dedicate one of those episodes to answering some questions from the community. This can be anything about Gears of War 4 or the development of the game in general - and we'll select some of them to ask Ryan in an upcoming episode. Please focus your questions around Multiplayer or aspects of Multiplayer (characters, maps etc) as Ryan is our Multiplayer Design Director. 
Post your questions in the thread below until Monday 6th November at 9am PDT for a chance to have your question featured! 
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How exactly is a legacy character brought back? From concept to voice work to textures. What brings the characters back to life
GOW 1250/1250  
GOW 2: \\☆// 1750/1750  
GOW 3: 400 \\☆// 2000/2000  
GOW UE:400 \\☆// 1250/1250  
GOW 4:1241\\☆// 2300/2500  
COG: Classic Dom  
LOCUST: Blood moon Imago  
My first Gears of war 4 montage  
Don't act like children act like adults  
@Embrystarred twitter
Why hasn’t wingman made a return in 4?
Have you considered making a Horde where you have to battle from point A to point D? For example you battle through multiple locations and then have to hold an area until you can be extracted.
Are y'all aware of planted grenades on stairs and sometimes not blowing up. I still have this happen to me.
Why didn't the master rank make it into the game
What factors assisted in developing the storyline of Gears 4, and how does it bring a new setting in the overall story?
Have you thought about adding Character unlocks through progression? Whether it be kill count or achievements earned?
Why did you guys decide to make remake maps of the launched Gears 4 maps instead of making new maps?
Why did you guys decide to make remake maps of the launched Gears 4 maps instead of making new maps?
We have already had an answer for that one. They underestimated the work needed to make 2 brand new maps a month.
Locust/Swarm fanboy and proud!  
Try to encourage new players, we were all new at one point.  
Please try to encourage less toxicity in the community, we all love gears.  
Blind praise and blind hate are equally useless.
Why was Anyas death not explained
Why are some changes in updates not mentioned example changing names of cards the ugly gearsmas characters
So how much XP will the SP holders permanently have now?
Why haven't you made a classic character pack for gears of war 4 and are we ever gonna see it ?
we want season pass 2 with new maps and/or gears of war 2 maps
Why was Anyas death not explained
prolly never gonna explain it
Is it appropriate to ask the lead multiplayer designer/developer(whatever it's called) a question about character development? I'll post some below anyway. 
What exactly goes into making a completely new character design for a game, such as say, the Palace Guard which hasn't been in any Gars Versus until 4, or JD, Del or Kait where there was no pre existing model and it had to be built from scratch? What is it about for giving certain new characters physics on certain parts of their hair/clothes/body/etc.? Is it some test for applying them on older characters in the future as well?
Stop making all characters the same.  
I haven´t forgotten about this, TC. And I´m not pulling it out of nowhere either.  
Kait should have cynical and/or sarcastic lines instead of blunt swearing and rubbish talk.
Will we see any new gametypes? A lot of people want wingman, but I think even just 2v2 would be awesome. But also, what about new 5v5 gametypes?  
Will the competitive 2.X movement make its way to core? I understand the different weapon balances, but the different movements make switching between the 2 modes much more difficult. 
Speaking of core, what are the chances that we’ll see some kind of new balancing for that mode? The range on the shotgun is a bit too long IMO, and the Hammerburst can be oppressive, especially if multiple players are using the gun together. 
Thanks for answering questions and all of the work you have put into the game and community!
Are there any plans on universal weapon tuning, if not for Gears 4 then for the future games?
Because they don't create weapons style deliriums diamond style and because those horrible pack do polls before you take out pack or skin is going the sound in the game that happens do polls before you pull something wing light
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