Gears of War 4 September Update: Out Today

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September Update news is here! This month, we’ve got news on the latest maps for the game, major matchmaking improvements and a look ahead on future support for Gears of War 4 well beyond October. Let’s get to it. 
Head to our Community Hub for full information on the September Update.
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Where is the list of achievements?
"I'm at the top of the mountain, and I'm only half-way up" - Dr. Disrespect
Why do you release these Gears 4 map remixes ? You know most of us are gonna kick off about it.
Well,can't wait to see what these major MM differences will be
Connection based Matchmaking = Gears Bliss  
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when is the update today or when ??
What time can we download the update?
By now TC has to know people are going to lose their minds about Launch Map Re-Skins... The Harbor Haze looks like it could be fun for Escalation or KOTH for a few matches but the novelty would wear off shortly. I hope for Gears of War 5, The Coalition doesn't advertise 24 new maps for a full year because that is too lofty of a goal. 
Harsher punishments for AFK and Quitting Players.  
Gear Pack RNG Improvements and Guaranteed Cards for Real World Currency.  
Additional Campaign DLC, not just Inconceivable and Ironman Modes.
Hahahaha hahahahahaahah foggy harbour this is all to much
"Something's wrong with this thing, it keeps jamming..."
Jesus Christ a 3rd month with another remix? You have to be kidding octus. I almost never ***** and moan but I got a breaking point to
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My first Gears of war 4 montage  
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Im happy mercy is back. In the next gears I think we need to go back to an older style of dlc release schedule. Like gears 2 and 3 where they bring out a dlc every few months so you can put more time into these maps without ridiculous time constraints. Im presuming that's why we are getting harbour haze because you simply don't have time to make a 'new' map. I think this would keep the fans happy and you could always do launch map variations sporadically between dlcs. PS looking forward to getting Myrrah next month.
Give me a pendulum wars trilogy plz.
When? And where's my exclusive skin just for my name haha
Harbor Haze Lmfaooo!!!
This is pathetic. Honestly what a joke. "New" maps, yeahhhh sure. You should really have a word with yourself, nothing but lazy af your approach to this.
I would have preferred something like Jacinto or Fuel Depot but honestly as far as the launch map remakes go, this one looks to be my least disliked. It's probably gonna be awful for Horde but for Versus it sounds like a neat concept. 
If the fog is as thick as they made it sound, imagine you just lost your teammates and you're the last one alive and you need to pull out a clutch... then the fog rolls in. I dunno about you guys, but even as the outnumbered player I would go on the offensive and start hunting in the fog. 
Not to mention all the flanking opportunities it will provide throughout a match. I just hope the fog is so thick it forces out Gnashers, otherwise it's another moot map with zero redeeming qualities.
What time can we download the update?
Its normally 6pm GMT. So convert that to your area if need be.
Give me a pendulum wars trilogy plz.
On the floor laughing at the statement below: 
"Released 22 additional maps, with two more yet to drop, for a total of 34 maps in Gears 4!"
Why do you release these Gears 4 map remixes ? You know most of us are gonna kick off about it.
I was gonna say this in a different thread to someone saying this is what we should come to expect :  
Except for the fact that this is an even lazier rehash because there's not even a switch in the lighting required for Harbor. All you need to do is add some fog and voila! Impact Dark 2.0. I don't even care to see what the map looks like, but they probably just added some fog and were done with it.
Stop making all characters the same.  
I haven´t forgotten about this, TC. And I´m not pulling it out of nowhere either.  
Kait should have cynical and/or sarcastic lines instead of blunt swearing and rubbish talk.
Aw man I'm still laughing
"Something's wrong with this thing, it keeps jamming..."
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