Heroes of the SWARM - New 'Bad Guy' Concepts designed for Multiplayer.

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Hey guys, AD0PTED here. 
Some of you may have seen my Locust' redesigned post and gnasher/lancer weapon skin designs before. First off, thank you guys for all your support; this community gets a good or bad rep depending on the day but I think whatever the circumstance, we're here because we're just truly passionate fans. We not only want a great game, but a great overall experience, and really look out for one another in general... Mostly. I just love that. 
Due to the consistent posts and overall attitude I see about a lack of Swarm/multiplayer variety, I decided to go ahead and design a handful of concepts for TC to look at and consider finding a place for; whether plot or just multiplayer. I will keep making cool stuff until it gets in... I'm determined here haha. 
I have a bunch more concepts still being designed, creatures and characters, but I make this stuff for you guys and I figured I might as well throw a few designs up at this point. These designs are unique in the way that Mira was unique; Much like the individuality of COG heroes, the Swarm needed some personality thrown into it. 
Please like and comment so TC starts paying attention if you can, but honestly your feedback and support means the world as is. 
So without further ado: 
Swarm Hero Monarch 
I have backgrounds written out for all the designs here but I don't want any essays, so I'll keep it short and sweet. 
Monarch is the new General of the Swarm Horde, a cunning, manipulative Scion who clawed his way to the top of the hive. It is believed he not only worshipped Queen Mira, but was actually enamored by her; only amplifying his hatred towards the COG and whomever killed his precious queen. Whilst the other Swarm believe they need to replace the queen, Monarch despises the idea of anyone filling her role, and secretly longs to end her lineage so none could even try. A schism exists between the hive on the idea alone of whom is worthy to lead the Horde. 
Swarm Hero Legion 
Nothing special other than his particular breed of ruthlessness and large mass, Legion was born in a deep pit alongside countless other Drones only to carve a legacy through sheer will. Brute strength, cunning, and an insatiable bloodlust are traits well known to him, and pain is more or less alien to him. A true alpha among Swarm Drones, he eyes the position of General but bides his time until Monarch misses a step. The only thing he loves more than fighting is fighting with melee combat; a count added to his own carapace for each kill with his knife. During one encounter with a rowdy group of gears, he was slashed with a revving chainsaw bayonet that cost him one of his eyes and deeply scarred his carapace. Needless to say, it wasn't enough to stop him. 
Swarm Hero Morana 
When translated from human to Swarm, genders are usually all but neutralized... But in a freak mutation, one human was transformed into a strange breed of abomination quite new to the Horde. Not a Swarm but unfamiliar among the old Locust, Morana lives as an outcast even among monsters. She serves as the right hand of the ruler as a quiet assassin and infiltrator, and uses such opportunities to search through COG bases for something, or someone. Rumors from outsider communities regard her as the "silent reaper", from the rare accounts of survivors. Among one such rumor was that after a dazzling massacre, she soon broke down in tears... Not because of the death, but at the sight of her own reflection in a passing window... Suggesting that at one point, she may have very well been a beautiful woman. 
Swarm Hero Carve 
Carve is a careful, vicious, and particularly sadistic Scion. While most Swarm are violent, he goes out of his way to slaughter COG and innocents even when it ultimately serves little purpose or gain. It is known his obsession with the COG, specifically in hunting down retired COG members and adding their COG tags to his bloody collection. It is unknown how exactly he locates them. Even his armor is a mismatched assortment of COG and Locust design. He revels in inflicting pain; the designated torturer and executioner of the Swarm Horde. 
Swarm Hero Efreet 
Efreet is a Swarm Drone who was born with a unique biological property; His internal fluids emanate light between carapace plates. This reaction is amplified when Efreet experiences a particular level of bloodlust; the more he kills, the brighter his glow. Because of this, he often leads a group of Swarm into battle as the tip of the spear. The brighter his glow, the greater the morale of his fellow. His unique emission holds him in high regard among the other Swarm, many worshipping him as some kind of god or messiah among the hive. 
(think of that, more kills = added glow effect in multiplayer! haha) 
Swarm Hero Sephtis 
Sephtis is mysterious 'man' of great valor and intellect; a former scientist-turned-king to a brooding monstrous horde of creatures. Little is known about his past, save for those who remember brilliant minds that once changed the world of Sera long before E-Day... His obsession with imultion and technology is only matched by his lust for power. If Mira was the biologist among the horde, then Sephtis, the engineer. Little is known about his twisted appearance and apparent hatred for humanity, or the depth of his relation to former queen Mira. 
Swarm Hero Beta 
Beta is a prototypical Shepherd DeeBee whom was found during a raid of a COG armory. Instead of destroying the model as is usual practice, one of the horde's pouncers latched it's quills directly into the robot's central cortex; infecting it and bringing the metal shell to life. Through a handful of hazardous modifications, the swarm redesigned elements of the MK-4 model DeeBee to become a living war machine. Although the robot serves the horde, deep inside, the A.I. programming has malfunctioned over time and corrupted the alpha personality, reverting the experimental and ominous Beta personality... No longer just a machine, but with a "mind" of it's own. 
Oh and here's a little bonus: I cleaned up the Brutalizer a bit to better fit the Swarm, and made a cool little alteration to the pouncer. 
Swarm Brutalizer 
Swarm King Pouncer 
Thanks everyone who scrolled through, I have a ton more concepts I'll get on here whenever I have time haha. 
Let me know what you think!
coalition, u have to add these. maybe not the one thats half human and locust but all the rest should be in the gears 5 campaign and multiplayer and horde
Carve seems like my kind of guy, a COG slaughterer who takes glee in his job! 
Morana is a fav too! :D
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impressive work I AM ADOPTED. Well done
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Im also adopted. Impressive.
Good work I have to say I am not a fan of the current Swarm when it comes to the class types such as Grenadier due to the lacking of armour and the usage of a loin cloth so your designs actually interest me as it is looks like they have adapted and improved the process of creating Swarm which means we can have variety in body shapes. They look more like an army which is organised rather than a primitive force.
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Brutalizer definitely catches my eye. Sure would be really different seeing a sword-wielding Swarm. We had Skorge, who welded a double-edged chainsaw staff which was a great introduction to the franchise. 
Otherwise, they're all awesome! :D
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Just like the last set these are all great!
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These are amazing. I really like them 
The human one is my least fav 
I would love to see these added and the work on them...aweosme
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Hey I am adopted. I'm a fan of your work. Please post a link to your other thread with your other creations.
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The more i look at these concept arts, the more i see how much TC sucks ... (Color blast / white / gold / ... swarms/DBs , lauchador, Zombies/DotD COGs )
Dude these are outstanding good work
I like this but I think swarm must stay swarm and not half human. 
I don't want swarm girl with boobs or swarm bearded man in Gears of war 
The Queen Myrrah (and the queen Kait in Gears 5 ahah) is totally human and this is what is interesting 
The only real female (For breeding) was the berserker (swarmserker in gears 5 sure)
Need Paduk ! pls
TC give this man a job
Hire this guy already!!!
I never post here, but damn. Sick work bro!
These are great illustrations, but they look too much like Diablo characters rather than Gears of War/Swarm characters to me. Maybe a little too over detailed is where I'm getting at. Again not knocking the art, just they would have to be tweaked a lot in game to look like Gears characters imo. 
Good work on these, though.
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Therons are cute! CUTE!!
I like this but I think swarm must stay swarm and not half human.  
I don't want swarm girl with boobs or swarm bearded man in Gears of war  
The Queen Myrrah (and the queen Kait in Gears 5 ahah) is totally human and this is what is interesting  
The only real female (For breeding) was the berserker (swarmserker in gears 5 sure)
No Swarm are created from kidnapped humans so different body types and female Swarm is possible as of right now Swarm are early in development which is why they are completely ken doll down there
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Awesome work! I love the artstyle but some of them don't look like Gears characters to me.
Artwork is fantastic but these are too Diablo like or better suited for WOW. They don't fit the swarm or locust designs in any fashion
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