Onyx Gold Gear Pack | Back This Weekend!

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The Swarm just got a new look with the Onyx Gold Gear Pack for Gears of War 4! This special pack is all about the stylish combo of Black Gold, with 5 Swarm characters and an animated Black/Gold weapon skin set to collect! Here’s what you can find in this pack:  
5 Swarm Characters are up for grabs in this special Gear Pack, all featuring a stunning Gold carapace mixed with dark Onyx Black clothing and armor. Find the Legendary Elite Drone and Swarm Sniper to truly stand out from the crowd. 
Weapon Skin Set 
On top of new characters to collect, a full set of 14 Onyx Gold animated weapon skins are waiting to be collected! This new set features a Black and Gold variant of the Swarm Pod skin, now sporting a Liquid Gold effect that seeps into a dark Onyx underbelly. 
As an added bonus, the Onyx Gold Gear Pack features a guaranteed Epic Card in every Gear Pack. Find this Feature Pack this weekend in the Gears 4 Store for 2000 Credits / $4.99 USD. This new pricing is based on our new Gear Pack improvements, as outlined in on our dedicated post here.
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Cool! Buying some of these tomorrow!
These look awesome!
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news on TU4 ?
looks like i have the day off! woot! WOW CLAP CLAP TC I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT! woot! wow Thank you.
Nice looking skins.
Finally sawrm characters that looks badass!
Bring back Classic Baird  
Put a stop to RNG! Stop spending real money for packs!
These are pretty cool and I'm digging the Skins 
TC you guys are pretty sneaky 😋
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Loving it!
"Good thing I wear a helmet."  
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Not bad, TC, not bad.
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Looks badass, can't wait till tomorrow.
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This is awesome! Is each pack 3 or 5 cards? And please do us all a favor and don't re-release the UIR packs on the 17th after we've used most/all of our credits on these packs.  
Thanks in advance. 
*crosses fingers*
Saving credits as I type. I praaaaaaay I get the Grenadier early.
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Therons are cute! CUTE!!
Awesome! I love how the weapon skins look.
Looks amazing. Good job!
Also, are one of these craft only? Or is that a separate character?
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coo coo coo
RIP Peep
Well...looks like it's time to grind them coins from now till the 16th!!!
They look pretty cool I hope to get Swarm Grenadier and I have plenty of credits saved up. Thank you for finally adding to the Swarm Roster because it really needed it. 
Edit: I assume it is 5 cards per pack as usual
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