The Coalition vs Fans - Updated Plans

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**UPDATE 4/5 at 12pm PT** 
Hey everyone, 
The update to this has blown us away and we're really excited to play with you all. 
Given the overwhelming interest, we're going to postpone today's plans as we'd only get to play 3 teams during our stream time- hardly fair to the over 100 teams that have registered so far. 
Instead, we'll be looking at doing one of two things (or both if we can!): 
  • Running another Gears Forums Tournament including teams from The Coalition
  • Running an extended time weekend based version of this event not constrained by our streaming hours
Thank you so much for all your interest. Stay tuned for further announcements in the coming week. 
Hi all - 
To get in the spirit of the Esports Las Vegas Open this weekend, we're putting together a team of players from The Coalition to take on community teams as part of our Weekly Stream! The team will be comprised of QA, Multiplayer Level Designers, Production and Community. 
Want to take on TC? Here's how to get involved: 
  • You must submit a team of 5 to be eligible. This is a great time to recruit fellow forum members!
  • Your full team will need to be online and ready to play from 2:50pm PT - 5pm PT. We will be messaging team leaders in advance to give a rough time slot on when to expect an invite.
  • Please allow 45-60 minutes to allow for one full match of Escalation (with some time added should the match prior to you run long).
How To Play 
  • Submit 5 Gamertags into the thread below. Please only post the 5 Gamertags of your teammates making sure there is no spelling mistake and tell us who is the leader of your team as we will be contacting him/her. Put the leader's Gamertag in bold:
Gamertag 1 
Gamertag 2 
Gamertag 3 
Gamertag 4 
Gamertag 5 
  • We will randomly select submitted teams to play against the studio team
  • Look for a message from 'TC Octus' on Thursday assigning a slot. Selected teams will also be announced in this thread
  • Be ready for invite around your time slot. Please join as quickly as possible.
We can't wait to battle it out with you live on stream! 
Senior Community Manager for Gears of War at The Coalition  
Follow Gears of War on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest on Gears  
Follow The Coalition on Twitter and Facebook for updates direct from the studio.  
You can follow me on Twitter - @OctusTC
Man to bad for me, because I have a wedding this coming weekend.

This post has been hidden.

This Is Honcho HD and I Have My 5man 
My Team:  
1. Onyx Guard 1O9 
2. Onyx Baird 69 
3. Embry Starred 
5. ProGear360 
Sub: DLCarr17
I want to play but I have no team
I would like to play but I do not have team :(
Those looking to team up?  
I'm a FA!
YouTube: Lambent Lucky
Wrong time of day. Too bad 😐 Would love to kill TC ☠️
@lambentlucky @GantzAlan @acidibles let's team up!! I'm in. My GT name is xProtechHAZE420. I also will have one more. GT- II Laxx II 
lets do this fast and submit a squad
For those of you without a team, the Gears Discord is a great place to find people to team up with.
Hello! My Team is: 
Ask JavShevans 
xR Estratega 
INS4 ReactiveZ 
@lambentlucky @GantzAlan @acidibles let's team up!! I'm in. My GT name is xProtechHAZE420. I also will have one more. GT- II Laxx II  
lets do this fast and submit a squad
¡Very Good!
I have a 5 stack team 
me - eLite ki11a x  
-eLite bulldog x 
-ASVP Perceptive 
I am EU based player and could participate should any teams need 1, message me here or on XBL. I already played in several forums organized events and I can be counted on, won't let you hanging by not showing up is what I'm saying. 
Good stuff that TC is doing this, everyone should have a good time!!
a.k.a. KiLLER UZi  
>> My Youtube - jus_killah <<  
BX stand up!  
I don't mind teaming up with anyone either, message me on Xbox to give me a heads up if you want to team up as I don't really use the forums often. I'm from the UK btw. 
GT: God x Cloud
I am a Mexican player who since 2006 has been playing gears I want to be part of the team I want to put Mexico on high as our players on the pro circuit and play with TC Octus greetings from Mexico #amorelgears
v Frxnk GT 
v iRhyuk GT 
v kaelthas GT 
v Zinhalu GT 
v Karvack GT
If anyone needs a team mate or a 5th. 
Hit me up @ Xbox GT: Dillisive or on Twitter @Dillisive.
i have a team ,need one more if interested let me know
retired GFC @neilpezz I Am what ever you say i am , if i wasnt why would i say i am  
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