XboxOne X Escalation problems

Ok, so I bought an XboxOne X and installed Gears 4. The graphics were a lot better than on my XboxOne S. So I started a game of Escalation which is pretty much all I play. The score was 6-5 and was a good game, all of a sudden my screen goes black and I’m returned to the Gears menu. I thought to myself that was strange, played a couple more games 7-0,7-1. Then another close game 6-6, the screen goes black and I’m back at the Gears menu screen again. Ok now I’m getting really frustrated, just spent $600 on a new console and it keeps kicking me from my favourite game type. Ok so the next day I take the console back to Best Buy. They give me a new XboxOne X, I reinstalled Gears 4 and what happens? The exact same thing, now I play a lot of games in the next couple days, it must have kicked me when the game was close at least 50-70 times.  
I go on Twitter and leave a comment on a few posts. Xbox gets back to me and gives me like a list of things to do. Which I know it’s the XboxOne X, but I go do everything they list. Delete my profile and add it back, try a different profile, etc.... Nothing works, it keeps kicking me, I’m like WTF at this point and time. I google this issue and find a post on here with some people having the same issue. I never had any issues on the other game types other than lost of sound on KOTH.  
Coalition can we fix this? Or should I just return this and get my money back? I never had any issues like this on my XboxOne S, or PC with Gears 4.
I was having the same issue with my X on CoD WW2. I would keep getting a black screen or a black screen/frozen combo. I should have known, since i was having issues transferring games from the old Xbox and updating the system. I ended up taking it back to the store for a different one as well. This one has been working flawlessly. I decided to just redownload everything fresh instead of doing any transfers. I also saw online that others like us are having the same problems with the X. I think it has something to do with software/hardware compatibility. As much as they optimize a game for the new system. There are still going to be kinks in the code that don’t line up perfectly with the new hardware.
It’s too bad they take so long to patch something like this. Gears is notorious for taking a really long time to do anything in tearms of a patch.
I have the same problem with ma XONEX on escalation 5-5 or 6-5, we have to wait for an update so that the bugs are fixed ! TCA 
A friend and me are also having that trouble with Escalation in X (scorpio) console, it's the way it has been said by the OP. When the match became to highest rounds (10 - 14) we are kicked out to the menu. Never had this issue with any other device (day one and gears edition). 
At first we thought it was the 4K, so we played one with 4K and the other one with 1080 and we both got the game restarted between an escalation match. Sometimes we are restarted with seconds of difference and other ones at the same time. There's only one time I could avoid to be restarted to menu when we was kicked out: as soon as I notice we was out, I quickly opened an app (crunchyroll, edge, youtube, etc) and I could finish the match... Not sure if it's a hardware or software problem, but I hope the game get a patch really soon.
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Thought the update would solve the problem. Happened again on round 6 it kicked me out.
The update did not resolve this. I tweeted Coalition and no response. 
The game is literally unplayable, and it would be good to get a response from TC
I got on to get that second match in and it’s pretty late, and to get kicked when there was 1 round left after a very long game was very unnerving. Oh ya and it’s actually suspended me. So now I’m waiting... and waiting... looking around the forums to see other issues as typical procedure
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Same thing is happening to me. Had two close games in a row, where it was 6-5 and 6-6, game crashed on me and sent me back to the menu. Lost one of those games but luckily made it back in time to help win the final round in the other game. This is very frustrating. Escalation is my favorite mode and it sucks to be unsure whether I'm gonna get kicked or not due to incompatibility issues with my $500 piece of machinery.
Did TC even already admit the problem? Or any news about the fix?
◄People ALWAYS will find something to complain about►
FS 07 wrote:
Did TC even already admit the problem? Or any news about the fix?
Nope, they haven’t said anything, they were probably told not to respond. Just think they bring out a new console and it’s first part game has bugs. I will be surprised if a patch comes out in the next three to six months, if ever.
They said this in the las patch " We are also aware of some recent known issues and we are working hard to resolve them as soon as possible. These include: Xbox One X: Longer matches of Escalation can result in a crash"
Hopped on the other day to see if this had been addressed. 
Unfortunately it hasn't, game went to 5-5, 6th round started and the game crashes. 
Shame as this is stopping me from wanting to play gears atm.
They said a fix would be released today with the December patch(don´t think it´s gone live yet). See if it works after updating.
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Hopped on the other day to see if this had been addressed.  
Unfortunately it hasn't, game went to 5-5, 6th round started and the game crashes.  
Shame as this is stopping me from wanting to play gears atm.
Don't play Escalation then, for the meantime.
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