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I’m so sad and annoyed! I’ve had the Ultimate Edition of Gears 4 since release day and played it plenty on Xbox.  
I’ve just finished my first ever self PC build, my first PC capable of proper gaming and bought a 2K monitor too. Been a while since I played Gears so I wanted to see how it translated to Mouse and Keyboard. At first it was great, KOTH was finding games in core and I played 3 matches loving it. Now the game just hard crashes at the beginning of any match I get into.  
Such a shame as the game looks and feels amazing in 2K with high/ultra settings. There’s no way I’m loading up the old dusty Xbox just for Gears so it’s bye bye to my favourite franchise for now unfortunately.
I’m sure you mean 4K. :) 
You need to revert to an older driver. Using an Nvidia card, yes? 
See THIS thread.
Its a matter of opinion. I dont think any non-craftable cards of a particular class (legendary etc) are any rarer than each other.  
I have all of the standard acquirable skins that don't require money except Vintage Anya which was a beta exclusive (I haven't got the super rare Blood Moon Imago or White UIR ones either). I've got two Black Steel characters - Skorge and Myrrah.  
I like the Armored Kantus, but they make so much noise when they run around.  
As for COG I tend to use Clayton Carmine or the Golden Gear.
Vintage Anya wasn't Beta Exclusive, she's craftable.  
Tomorrow Anya was one of Pre-Order Exclusive for one whole year, before made craftable.  
I think you mean Vintage Kait was Beta Exclusive, getting to Level 15 or 30.
Yes it was Vintage Kait, I got that one muddled!
I’m seeing the same thing the last few days. Maybe not 6 minutes but it’s finding matches but dissolving then multiple times. Then when I find a match the community always has that one person that backs out because they dislike the map if it’s Raven Down. It just takes forever sometimes.
An overall working game would bring back lots of people. Most are just tired of this laggy mess, when there are far better games to enjoy.
This for sure , considering this is exactly the reason most left this game behind
I do still try and play but I’m usually fed up with the game before the first round even ends in my first match. It’s just an inconsistent mess that leaves such a bad feeling in me that I just turn off Gears completely. I want to play some Horde but after the horrible lag due to the poor matchmaking I can’t even bring myself to continue playing the game. Then, a few hours later, I come back thinking it had to have gotten better. Every time the answer is actually “nope” and in fact it’s sometimes worse. After quitting in disgust, I started up Battlefield 4 for the first time in years. While playing it made me realize how much I missed the gameplay of Gears I didn’t miss the poor hit detection. Say what you want but a launch game such as Battlefield 4 has 100x better hit detection with 64 players than Gears does with 10. Thats enough to add more anger towards the way they’ve programmed my favorite game.  
I have many friends who quit ages ago and said they will give the franchise another chance the moment they implement ping based matchmaking. They could care less if new maps, modes, skins or anything else is added if they don’t address the reason they quit to the begin with.
After TC conducted and internal investigation regarding the rank drops, they found no errors in the current system.  
They did however mention that for Season 4 changes will be made, excluding Diamond Tiers.
After 4 days more, i dont found game in guardian. One day put the game to search game, i go to PC to have other jobs, after 1 hour dont found game and matchmaking restart to 00:00. The joke start when i look to tittle and say "stimated time less than 2 minutes".  
I think people can play guardian, i see in twitter and forums people say that they have master rank in guardian, so i cant play. I dont know if the problem are regions, time to play, unlucky man.... i dont know
Exactly what salty said it's all preference....I used BS Superstar Cole for the longest time and then Griffin came out and I'll use him until GOW 5 comes out
All great advice above. Only thing to add is start on Normal difficulty and move up if you find it too easy.
Trust but Verify.  
Stop paying for packs.  
Start paying attention.  
I am a casual-scrub-noob who cannot even wall bounce. Despite these dibilitating issues I do quite well!
I would like to see Barrack come back as long as we get him through gameplay rather than MT.
Id like that. Something showing his character as a bad ass yet honerabke lad. Maybe have it so it's only via challenge unlike griffin when we can buy him soon.
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