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I'm just ready for this to drop. I play maybe 2-3 times a month now. Looking forward to making that 2-3 times a week with the new horde changes.  
Just please tell me there's no achievements for hitting re-up 15...smh
Way to waste your money buying packs that support a broken game.
This 100%
83% (Joke). 
Gears of War 4 is not completely broken.
It wouldn't really work, unfortunately. 
Would be cool though. 
Imagine Gears of War MMORPG being Open World Survival Shooter Sandbox. 
Too much work to be done.
I don't think this would happen.
I think you are totaly right on your consumptions about the lag compensation and everything else except that rank doesn't say all about how good a player are, more how much he/she plays. 
I written a couple of posts about the issues with Gears. 
First the game connects to a dedicated server AND it connects to ALL the players in the game. 
It then uses the connection to ALL the players to calculate the lag compensation. 
So every game with 2 full teams will have 11 connections on each client. 
There is no max of latency as BATTLENONSENSE youtube channel has shown. 
BF1 has updated there game to only use the dedicated server as the index of latency, so if you have higher latency (ping) to the server then you will see everything more delayed but if you have better latency then you will see everything more accurate and your shoots will be more on queue. 
And they don't allow higher latency than a specific number (think it's 200ms) 
So the compensation will not impact your shoots depending on lagcompensation of players with bad latency. 
They change it to the better. 
Second the game keeps connections to older players which you had previous games with, see may older post for screenshots... 
Increasing the network traffic on you connection. 
You might think small packages don't affect your latency, but many several connections in a specific timeperiod do affect. 
See my posts on this
vipprimo wrote:
i go to the screen where select Standard and it's blank. You can't select Casual, Normal, Hardcore or Insane. It's completely blank.
Same problem for me roughly an hour ago (I'm in the UK). I know from some of the above posts that people are blaming the individuals' connection, but surely such a specific problem cannot be down to connection issues?
"You jacked a grub barge? Damn Marcus, you got some hangers on ya"!
A Classic Pack feat. the original characters of Gears of War (Marcus,Dom,Cole,Baird) and some classic locust like the Theron Sentinel/Guard and the Sniper.  
Want Now!!!
Vanden255 wrote:
What's the appeal of Skorge, anway? He looks like he's just a Kantus without a shirt. I genuinely don't get it.
He's a locust with dreadz son!
Yeah, like Predator.
Logged in roughly an hour ago (10:00am UK) and in the Horde menu the casual / normal / hardcore / insane options are all missing, so unable to play 'standard' Horde. There was a thread earlier regarding the same issue but I couldn't find it (deleted maybe?). 
Edit: Found the thread that I was referring to and posted there also.
"You jacked a grub barge? Damn Marcus, you got some hangers on ya"!
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