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not only is the wording messed up but the packs. MOTD says NEW packs.... Really TC. Palace Guard isn't new. However I will say I am pleased to see the feral packs back. I need Epic skills!
Well, to be fair, they reuse the messages for a reappearing pack of when it was first released. That's probably why it says "new" packs. 
I'm getting plenty of Epics with the Feral packs but so far all have been completely useless(Last Stand, Berserker, X-Ray, Cloak, HOD and Pistol Expert with several duplicates of the first two) when I'm looking for Resupply, Magic Bullet and Syphon. It's just the same situation as I have with Resupply and Syphon in regular packs, they just absolutely refuse to drop). At least I'm getting scrap for Explosive Headshots which is only one duplicate away from being maxed now. 
So do I really need to keep bumping this thread until Monday? Oh boy. Why couldn't anyone at TC wait for more than five minutes to jump straight into their weekend to see if stuff actually worked...oh wait, that's been the norm pretty much every time now. At least I don't have to keep doing it for two months in a row for a glitch to get acknowledged and fixed.
Kait as main character for Gears 5/6  
TC, please allow our character to lower their weapon in Horde. It makes sense to have it disabled in Versus but not in Horde.  
There's no guarantee that Kait will lead the Swarm.  
TC. Please.
We never thought the E-day skin of Anya would make it to the roster back then.(Thought because she was wearing heels in gow2?)  
Who knows maybe TC will add combat boots like they did to E-day Anya.
"Good thing I wear a helmet."
Mafiaso wrote:
That's when the sweaties come out and I can't find teammates and it's just bad.  
So accurate. This is why I think most of these diamond players don't play any competition. Every single time im matched up against a team full of diamond players the server decides to place weak players on my team and they end up quiting or afk all game.
382.53 has the same issue as the newer drivers, may as well use the newest ones for the moment.
I realize this is probably mostly an Nvidia issue but I feel like TC could(ve) done a better job trying to get this fixed for us. 
Like they didn't even try to gather data to pass on to Nvidia. For example, the fact this only affects some people and not others could have been investigated in an official post by TC. Like asking everybody's specs, or asking us to supply logs to try and isolate the variable between crashing and non-crashing systems. 
Maybe I'm just rushing to judgment, maybe they've already worked on it in house and have already passed the relevant information to NV and we're just waiting on them now.
SHORDEZ wrote:
Black steel Anthony would be amazing
Hell yeah he would Gary Carmine would look awesome black steel
Black Steel Clayton Carmine he would look badass.
Gears Of War player since 2006  
Not a pro but a long time fan  
We need the Black Steel Carmine brother collection!  
Bump.... these forums suck no new threads get responses now :(
When you look at a main menu and listen to its music it should be able to set the tone for the campaign and in a few cases MP. Gears 4 did a terrible job at setting the mood with its menu and music. Gears 2 was the best imo. Gears 5 needs a menu that matches the tone of the game.  
And please don't shove the Crimson Omen in the corner behind some stupid smoke. It is the symbol of Gears. It should be big and in the open.
I agree 100%
Gears Of War player since 2006  
Not a pro but a long time fan  
We need the Black Steel Carmine brother collection!  
At last!!!!!!!  
got a fix for this.  
This morning it donwload all the 73 FB but it failed when the installation was running.  
Try this:  
Windows +R  
write powershell , hit enter.  
Put this:  
Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}  
Wait all the process, then, comeback to the store and push "retry" in the failed instalation.  
it show a progress bar downlonding the game again but, in a few seconds the game will be installed with no issues.  
Work for me.
My download also failed many times with different errors at different download stages 15gig 30gig 60gig 
I tried this command line through powershell and got a error a proccess was still running windows shell experience host so 
start task manager 
right click windows shell experience host under processes open file location 
open folder shellexperiencehost 
right click file shellexperiencehost goto properties 
open security tab 
goto advanced 
goto owner click on change 
enter the computer user name in the enter object name box (you can find your computer name c:\users\exambleharry) 
click check names box click ok 
click new owner name and click edit 
add permission full control and click ok 
now you can change the name of ShellExperienceHost to bShellExperienceHost this will then stop the process from restarting in task manager when you end the process so the command in powershell will work succesfully. 
dont forget to change the name back after the command runs succesfully in powershell 
my install was at 15gig when i did this I had a shower and came back to my computer and gears of war 4 had finished installing in 10mins no idear what goes on with this terrible windows store ????? 
Hope this helps people.
pretty much all the ethnicities of Sera have been explained with the "American" Serans coming from Tyrus, "African" Serans are from Kashkur and "Pacific Islander" Serans come from the South Islands and that the "Slavic" Serans come from Gorasnaya but nobody has ever explained where Kim came from and for that reason I always found him to be a interesting character for the sole reason that he is the sole Asian guy of Gears of War and his origins have never been explained, is there a Seran equivalent of Asia at all to begin with or are Asians in Sera a small minority not part of any particular country (which is the impression I am under)?
One minor thing to note is that upper-class Tyrans are/were British, while lower-class Tyrans seem to be a mix of American and Latino cultures. Marcus effectively abandoned the former to become the latter as a young teen. 
Kim is probably a native Tyran, but his family likely immigrated from elsewhere. His family could originally be from Maranday for all we know. Shaoshi is a reasonable assumption.
<span><span>RIP old Gears of War forums. You will be missed. (link)</span></span>  
Swarm Drones could be called "scabs" instead of "grubs."  
If I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know.  
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