Bigelowe Troubleshooting

A number of Gears players have encountered an issue with the error code ‘Bigelowe’ over the past few months. Since these first reports, we've been working on an extensive investigation to discover the root cause of most of these errors. Through data analysis and gathered player reports, we’re now at a stage in our investigation process to upload this official resource.

What is Bigelowe?
Bigelowe is an error code for Gears of War 4 that occurs when a player is unable to connect to the Gears of War 4 online services.

If you are seeing this error code, please read this resource for full information and next steps to take.

Bigelowe Causes

Bigelowe can represent a number of causes for the same error. 

The vast majority of reported Bigelowe errors are due to incorrect account permissions 

  • Xbox Live Gold membership is required to access Gears of War 4’s online features.
  • Gears of War 4 is rated M for Mature. If your Xbox account settings block M rated titles or online play, you cannot access Gears of War 4’s online features.

Poor internet connection quality due to instability, network speeds or both.

  • Gears of War 4 does not support low speed or unstable connections. Our minimum requirement for online play is 0.1MB/s upload and download speed, but we recommend at least 0.5MB/s upload and download speed for a stable experience.
  • Playing Gears of War 4 via a mobile internet (3G/4G) device or tethering may cause Bigelowe. Connecting via mobile internet is not recommended or supported by Gears of War 4.

Some ISPs have issues with communication to ports required for the Gears of War 4 services

  •  Some internet service providers are causing communication issues with the Gears of War 4 services.
  •  We are gathering a list of ISPs for awareness and will publish a list soon.

A known issue where your profile will not load from Gears of War 4 Services

  • This issue will not impact or corrupt your profile, but will prevent you from accessing Gears of War 4 services (which will result in the BIGELOWE error)
  • As of the July Update, we can now track most instances of this occurring and unblock your profile as quickly as possible. Please allow up to 5 days to be unblocked.
  • We are working on a permanent fix for this issue and hope to deploy it in the near future.

A known issue where your profile cannot contact the correct service in Gears of War 4

  • This issue accounts for roughly 10% of reports. We are working on identifying a solution and fixing this in a future update.

What Should I Do If I Encounter Bigelowe?

If you are encountering issues, the first step is to ensure you meet the requirements for Gears of War 4 online play.

  • Xbox One users must have Xbox Live Gold membership and an account with permitted access to online play / M rated titles
  • You must not be using a Mobile Internet Device, via tethering or otherwise, to connect to Gears of War 4.
  • Use to verify speeds of at least 1MB p/s download and 500KB p/s upload to a mid-US location. If your ping is extremely high (500 ping plus) or returning warnings about stability, your connection may not be supported by our service.

If none of these apply, please do the following:

  •          Restart the game (by explicitly closing the app and restarting it)
  •          Wait 5 days from being the date you initially received the Bigelowe error to see if you become unblocked automatically
  •          After 5 days, if you still see the error, contact us in our official tracking thread.

Will you be fixing Bigelowe?

Bigelowe represents a variety of issues – many of which are unrelated to the game itself and outside of our control to resolve.

We are working on a permanent fix for the two known issues impacting a small number of users. We’re working hard to resolve these instances of Bigelowe, and we thank you for your patience. We’ll keep you up to date with any incoming fixes or information as soon as we have them.