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The Gears Feedback Program FAQ

What is The Gears Feedback Program?

The Gears Feedback Program is a group of volunteers who have made themselves accessible to The Coalition. Our goal is to get better insights from our players and factor them into The Coalition decisions.

How old do I have to be to become a member of the gears feedback program?

18 years of age. 

What do I have to do as a member of The Gears Feedback Program?

You’ll occasionally receive emails asking about your gaming habits and your unique perspective on Gears of War.

In most cases, it’ll be a short survey, but we may ask you to take part in Skype interviews or live playtests. If you don't want to—that’s totally fine!

Will I be spammed with advertising as part of this?


How often will I be emailed asking for feedback?

Never more than once a month.

How long are the surveys?

Not long. Our goal is to keep these surveys under 5 minutes. However, if you write a lot, they might take longer!

Initially, we may send a few longer surveys, just so we can get to know you a little better.

What happens to all of my responses?

We'll collect responses until we have a firm understanding of your views and opinions. We'll share these findings with The Coalition designers to help them make informed decisions.

Your personal demographic data and any other personally identifiable information will be treated with the utmost respect and security according to Microsoft’s Privacy & Cookies Statement.

What if I never get a survey?

Depending when you've joined, you may not get a survey for a couple months. Don't worry—we’re still thinking of you and can't wait to hear what you have to say!

If I don't want to do it any more, can I opt out?

Yes, of course! Every survey we send will have an opt-out option and you can always opt out via your profile page at