Horde Expert Pack

We have some exciting announcements to share today for our Horde fans!

Remember that Summer Horde update we teased back in February?  We’re happy to share it starts next month in our June Update! Prepare to bolster your skills to Level 6 and take on the toughest Horde challenges you’ve ever faced with the introduction of the new Inconceivable and Iron Man difficulty levels. We'll have even more Horde headlines to share when we announce the update this June, so stay tuned for more.

For fans preparing their Skills to take on this new challenge, we're introducing a new way for players to reinforce their Skills with the Horde Expert Pack!

The Horde Expert Pack provides a new monetary option to acquire Skills for Horde. This 10 Card Pack provides a guaranteed Epic Horde Skill (with a chance at up to 3) and a bonus Rare Horde Bounty on top of the 10 Skills found in the pack for a total of 11 Cards. Find it in-game now for $2.99 USD.

Play And Earn

To celebrate the release of this new Pack, we’re giving players the opportunity to earn a Horde Expert Pack this weekend by playing Horde!


To participate, register below and complete the following objectives in Horde:

  • Horde Booster Gear Pack: Complete 50 Waves of Horde
  • Horde Expert Pack: Complete 150 Waves of Horde

To qualify, you must be connected to Xbox Live and complete these objectives by no later than May 22nd at 10am PDT. These objectives can be completed in Public or Private Play on any map and any difficulty.

Rewards will be granted to qualifying participants by June 21st 2017.